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May 19, 2001 03:10 PM

cafe Katy

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Has anyone been there?

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  1. I guessing that you're referring to Kirk Webber's Cafe Kati on Sutter near Fillmore.

    I often use dessert to "audition" a place and I had dessert there a few months ago. The sweets were excellent but not out of this world, when I took the price into consideration. (yes - it's pricey.)

    The creme brulee was a very good version of this dessert and here they decorated it with a nest of spun sugar. Also had an excellent warm chocolate cake with good support from a scoop of ice cream. Lastly, we had a butterscotch pot de creme and remember enjoying the berries and little cookies that came with it - nice contrast of textures with the pot de creme.

    Service was very warm and gracious. I felt somewhat pampered. The dining room wasn't too much of a din, but it's not a sedate place either. The interiors are painted with murals and rich colors, and some Chinese theme on the painting reflect their east-west fusion menu. (However, dessert was firmly in the Western side, and Asian ingredients or techniques were nowhere to be seen - doesn't hurt it though.)