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Jul 1, 2003 09:36 AM

Lunch in Laurel

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I just started working near Laurel and I'm looking for great lunch places! So far I've discovered Pasta Plus... Is there a good sushi place? I'm open to ANY and ALL suggestions :)

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  1. We really enjoy Asahi for sushi--it's reasonable, fresh and has a nice atmoshphere. It's across from Laurel Lakes in the strip mall with Red Wing shoes, the pawn shop and Quiznos. They offer a lunch buffet which includes some sushi for about $10. Otherwise you can order off the menu. The last time we were there the chef made us some dishes not even on the menu. They also offer a Korean menu but you have to ask for it.


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      I second Shellymck's recommendation and actually recommend Asahi for that Korean food. The shopping center looks *awful* with a pawn shop and an adult video store. But the restaurant is nice inside, and I liked the Korean food on two trips.

      Asahi Sushi
      13919 Baltimore Avenue Suite 4, Laurel, MD

    2. The Caribbean Cafe, which is just around the corner from Pasta Plus (in the same parking area as Kenny Roger's Roasters) is good overall and I really like their Cuban sandwich (get the beans and rice instead of the fries).



      1. Mandarin House in Whiskey Bottom, off of 216/All Saints Rd has good chinese food. Gourmet Shish Kebab off of 198 has good kebabs and curry. Kabob Indian Restaurant off of Rt 1 for good Indian food and they offer a lunch buffet. Also Toucan Taco, they have good tacos, sunken meat burritos and I love their queso. Don't bother ordering their quesadilla, it is very bland and not at all tasty. I also second Asahi Sushi, excellent service and food. Stay away from that all you can eat buffet on Rt 1, Panda Buffet or something like that. Also sometimes, if you get lucky, on Rt 1 in the parking lot of the Laurel Mexican Food Mart they have a taco truck. Good food if he's there. Laurel Meat Market on Main Street offers homestyle lunch platters. Meatloaf, fried chicken and various sides. Cluck U chicken in the outer mall, by Giant has decent food. Honey fried chicken, chicken tenders and sandwiches. Their fries aren't very good, but they have these little biscuits called Clucker Bees that they coat with honey, delicious. Bay N Surf on Rt 1 has excellent cream of crab soup. Caseys Crab House on Rt 198 towards Ft Meade has good enough food and good lunch specials. There is also a BBQ place next to them, but I haven't tried them yet. Master Wok in the mall has pretty good food at a good price. I like the Bourbon Chicken. We also have our share of chains; Tgi Fridays, Bennigans etc, as well as fast food. That is really all I can remember for now. Can you tell I have lived here awhile ?

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          Yes Asahi is one of best lunch buffets around and we've tried most of the Japanese/Korean -types in the area. They have lots of selection of sushi rolls and great Korean dishes. I like the fact that they make rolls smaller, so that you can try all of them and not get so stuffed. It's usually packed during lunch.

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            I thought Bay N Surf burned down and never reopened. Did I miss something?

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              You are correct. The comment about the Bay 'N Surf was written in 2003.

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                  You aren't the only one. I thought this was a new post as well!