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who has the best breakfast???

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i am a breakfast fanatic. will someone please, please inform me of who serves the best breakfast in san francisco??? i'll be visiting the area soon. no fancy hotel brunches for me; i'm interested in finding a blue plate-ish place that serves up creative yet honest eggs, waffles, omelettes, pancakes and the like. talk to me!

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  1. If its still open, Sears on Powell St near the Sir Francis Drake hotel has been the best for years.

    1. One of my favorites is called Eats on Clement @2nd street. The ricotta pancakes are great and they have an omelette with spicy italian sausage, green chiles, and creme fraiche that can hit the spot.

      1. My favorite is Valencia Pizza and Pasta. Nothing fancy here, just really good honest fare. Eggs Benedict - I ordermine with spinach - Belgian waffles, pancakes and omelettes. The spinach, feta, and garlic omelette is my favorite. Dirt cheap.

        For more original stuff, try Bitteroot on 16th. Old West themed stuff. Biscuits and gravy, various kinds of flapjacks, benedict variations with lox and other goodies....


        1. Dottie's True Blue Cafe, kinda touristy but homey and sweet and close to downtown hotels. Chloe's Cafe in Noe Valley, The tiny, funky Just for You in Potrero Hill. Doidge's in Pacific Heights. Definitely try Ella's--gorgeous sticky buns. Miss Millie's in Noe Valley--ricotta pancakes, cinnamon buns (only weekend brunch). Weekend brunch at Liberty cafe in Bernal Hts-don't miss the apple turnovers and challah french toast. INMO, the only worth getting at Sears is the Swedish pancakes. Titanic Cafe, also downtown--it adjoins the Commodore Hotel, I think.

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            Just went to Dottie's and loved it - it is in a tourist area near Union Square, but they are totally friendly and seem to serve a mostly local and regular crowd on weekends. Everything we had was great - from pancakes, to potatos, to a great apple tart.

          2. The Pork Store Cafe on Haight close to Masonic. Talk about good!!!! The thing that they are most famous for is their hash browns, they are real crispy on the outside(when they cook them they drizzle melted butter over them as they). You should try and get their early...they always have a line. Dirt cheap.

            P.S. You can also pick up some X or pot from lots of sellers on the street.

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              >P.S. You can also pick up some X or pot from lots of sellers on the street.

              And if you go to Magnolia Brewery on Haight/Masonic and sit at the tables by the Masonic-side windows, you can watch people getting arrested for that as well. Very entertaining.

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                Went to The Pork Store yesterday. Terrific and satisfying! It was fun to sit at the counter and watch the grill chefs and waitresses. The other benefit is to see how they make the dishes and exactly how fresh ingredients are. The ingredients are all fresh; the chefs and wait staff really move. For them, it's a fast paced job in a cramped space, and I really appreciated their hard work. The food was great. I had 2 eggs and 2 pancakes for $4.35. The pancakes are traditional (compared to Dottie's, which I believe are buckwheat or some other whole grain). It was a large, satisfying breakfast. I saw the massive amounts of hash browns turning golden on the grill. Also, the biscuits held tremendous promise for a future breakfast. The tables turn fairly quickly, attributed to an efficient table clearing staff. Weekdays they open at 7am; weekends at 8am.

              2. We like Savor on 24th St. in the Noe Valley. All sorts of crepes, omelettes, other egg dishes, housemade muffins. They have outdoor tables in the back -- it's a very pleasant place to have breakfast or brunch.

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                  Carlos Vazquez

                  Polkers on Polk btw. Vallejo and Green has awesome breakfasts, including some of the largest, fluffiest pancakes I've ever had.
                  Be sure to ask for extra syrup though, they're a little stingy with it.

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                    Chris Aldrich

                    If you have a chance to stop by the other side of the bay, I am a big fan of the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley on Sacramento at Dwight Way.

                    My personal fave is the Mexican eggs (scrambled with chorizo and cheeses) with a side of guac. Their Home Fry Heaven is delish and although I'm not a fan of the genre, my friends swoon over the Matzoh Brei.

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                      Caitlin McGrath

                      I've always been a fan of the cinnamon swirl french toast at Homemade Cafe, and the blintzes are quite good,too. My favorite East Bay breakfast place.

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                      Amy Hespenheide

                      I love Zazie, on Cole, but I wouldn't call it blue-plateish. It has more of a French feel, with lattes in bowls, and lots of fresh fruit. They do have creative eggs and pancakes, though . . . . (like gingerbread pancakes with lemon curd).

                      P.S. I second the vote for Polker's pancakes.