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Jun 27, 2003 01:16 AM

roy's hawaiian fusion - baltimore

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has anyone been to Roy's in Fells Point?


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  1. In case you didn't know, Roys is a chain, fairly expensive. There is one in Philadelphia. The Philly Chowhounds disdain it but a fairly picky friend of mine (who lived in Hawaii for 7 years) really liked it. Disclaimer: I haven't been to any of them and don't know how consistent they are, one way or t'other.

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      expensive but very good! been to Roys in Baltimore 3 times and once to the one on Maui. if you like fish prepared with unique sauces and flavors give it a try...don't miss the chocolate souffle!

    2. Pros- they do know how to cook fish. And they have lots of it. And some of it is exotic. I would say across the board they do a very good job in the kitchen and on the floor

      Cons- Costs an arm and a leg, so it's a better meal on someone's corporate card than on your own. Wine list gets more corporate by the month *yawn*.

      Sum Up- dollar for dollar a better deal than the 10 million chain upscale steakhouses, but still a dubious use of personal cash. Go to Black Olive, if only for the cool high end Greek wines.

      1. Haven't been to the one in Fells Point, but went to one in New York City. It is a chain, it started out in Hawaii, and the chef has a really good reputation there. The deal is that 1/2 the menu is standard for every restaurant, the other half varies for local tastes. It was quite expensive, and pretty good. Certainly not sublime. Certainly worth a try, but if you want a really really good meal, for this type of food, I would recommend Soigne. P.S. I also like Ixia better, notwithstanding the plagarism discussion below.

        1. I have been to the version at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach CA. It was good, but I think you could find better at local places (at least in DC). As for the cost, everything on that trip was pricey, so I just closed my eyes and gave up my credit card.

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