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May 17, 2001 03:30 PM

Thanks for help with NYC dining

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We lucked out and celebrated my husband's 40th birthday in NYC rather than at the French Laundry (sse prior thread)! I am including a link to the Manhattan message board to my report.


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  1. Gini, thanks for reporting back! I'm glad you liked the Tassinaia (whew!). I had a chance to try it again a couple weeks ago and the importer says it's available again in this market if you want to order some. I could taste it with each dish you described, especially with mint, and could even imagine it wrapping around your chocolate dessert if it was not too sweet.

    I bet it makes the site managers a little cuckoo when chowhounds turn to their local board for travel advice as you did (ala a post on the Canada board now). But I think it speaks to the strength of our relationship with the local community that we know and trust. We have our own aesthetic here and only your neighbors know how high your bar is set.