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May 17, 2001 01:46 PM

Fish in SF

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What is a good fish restaurant in SF I am going to meet my uncle tomorrow night, FRI. reservations day of are hard so we will probably have to wait. Someone mentioned Rubicon, Pacific Cafe and McCormick and Shick. What do you think?

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  1. Try Hayes St. Grill--very nice fish place in Hayes Valley. Run by Patty Unterman, who's a local food writer and former restaurant critic. McCormick adn Kuleto's is kinda touristy--a chain place up in Ghirardelli Square.

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      I agree about Hayes St. Grill. Have eaten there many times and find that it's a great place to get "comfort food". Everything is fresh and well cooked and the staff is pleasant and efficient. If you go early you may not have to wait as long.

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      Randy Salenfriend

      second that opinion on Hayes Street Grill. You might also try Yabbies' Coastal Kitchen on Polk, exceptional seafood. If your Uncle is an out of towner, you might consider Tadich or Sam's for a real taste of San Francisco.

      1. You can read at the link below what I wrote immediately following a trip to Pacific Cafe last year. To summarize, I was very pleased.


        1. If I had one night in SF for fish, I would go to Sam's Grill on Bush St and have a plate of the most delicious sand dabs in the world...smothered in melted butter. The only thing close is fresh cracked crab, sour bread and a bottle of cheap Chardonnay.

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            Yes that is a good suggestion. Great old style SF atmosphere. They do the best sand dabs, and I like to have it with asparagus in mustard sauce.