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May 17, 2001 01:19 PM

Brunch Places in San Jose?

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I am travelling up to San Jose and will be meeting up with my old college roommate for brunch this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to eat that are not too expensive but not so noisy that we won't be able to catch up?

I've checked previous posts and saw some recommendations for the Palo Alto area but prefer to stay more towards San Jose.


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  1. My family enjoys 2 places for brunch both near the SJ airport - the 94th Aerosquadron opposite the runway from the SJ airport (take the Coleman Ave exit off of 880). The second place is the Double Tree at 2050 Gateway Place (between the SJ Airport and 1st Street). Both are equal in terms of noise and I'd give the nod to the Doubletree in terms of variety of food. If you have an extra 1.5 hours I'd recommend driving over the hill to Shadowbrook in Capitola.

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      Judith Hurley

      Brunch is not a meal I'm big on, but I think the White Dove, on Lincoln Avenue in Willlow Glen, offers brunch. It's small, charming, quiet, not a big chain experience. You might check with Il Fornaio -- they do a surprisingly nice weekday breakfast, if they offer brunch, it's bound to be lovely.