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Jun 16, 2003 01:55 PM

Bahn Mi in DC?

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Where can I find Bahn Mi (Vietnamese BBQ Sandwiches) in DC?

Any help (warnings etc.) would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Can't verify, but possibly Viet Cafe on 6th St in Chinatown might offer them. I know they have hot foods (as does Joe's (Viet) Cafe 2 doors south)...

    1. In DC: there are two small Vietnamese groceries (Huong Que and another whose name escapes me) on the south side of Park Road between 14th and 16th that sometimes have premade Bahn Mi sandwiches near the cash register.

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        I went early to Que Huong and the other Vietnamese store on Park Rd. today and they both had a pretty good selection of bahn mi. (I usually go in the afternoon on weekdays and the selection is much more depleted). The woman at Huong Que said she got hers fresh from Eden Center every morning. The woman in the other store didn't speak any English, so I could not probe for details...

        The bahn mi that I bought cost $1.50 and had ham, some sort of pork pate, another type of meat I couldn't readily identify (tongue?), cucumber, carrot, cilantro, and a very hot red pepper. It was very tasty and an incredible bargain.

        These stores also have a good selection of tropical fruit, greens, herbs, etc. But please be forewarned about the ambiance, they are quite run-down and downscale and cater almost exclusively to the Vietnamese community in Columbia Heights.

        The addresses for these places are:

        Que Huong Market 1454 Park Rd NW
        Oriental Market 1438 Park Rd NW

        There's also a Dominican grocery on the same block.

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          Though not exactly traditional, Duke's Grocery (a sit-down restaurant near Dupont) makes one hell of a banh mi. Actually, just about everything I've had there has been very, very good.

          1. re: The Big Crunch

            Yes! Have been twice in the last month and really enjoyed the high quality there. Service is pretty disorganized and slow, but every time the food is awesome. Mac and cheese, eggplant sandwich, banh mi, and bacon sarnie and potato boxty at brunch time. Everything has been a knockout.