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Jun 14, 2003 10:23 PM

Hollywood East in Wheaton -- favorite dishes?

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Having been introduced to the wonders of Joe's Noodle House through this board, I'm surprised that I've never seen Hollywood East mentioned here. My exploration of the menu at this Hong Kong-style restaurant ground to a halt when I had the baked salted chicken with scallion and ginger sauce, accompanied by the spinach with garlic -- it's so delicious I have to get the same thing whenever I go.

So I'm wondering if anyone can point me to other gems on the menu to help me out of my rut!


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  1. I much prefer Hollywood East to Joe's Noodle House.

    Recently went to Hollywood East with a bunch of folks from Hong Kong and everything, with one mediocre exception (fish), was deemed excellent. We ate from the banquet menu.

    Other things I like:
    Wonton Soup (very generous with the wontons)
    Salt fish and chicken fried rice (salt fish may not be for everyone)
    Duck and jellyfish (cold appetizer)
    Szechuan string bean (a bit greasy but delish)
    Steak mignon cantonese style (I think this is what I ordered...)
    Saute'ed pea leaves
    Soyed chicken

    Also, one waitress there does an excellent job of describing the dishes - she's an older woman, tiny, short hair, glasses.

    1. I've been going mostly to Joe's lately, but one great dish at HE is sesame eggplant--thin slices fried and covered with a slightly sweet sesame sauce--spectacular

      1. I love their Shrimp won ton soup & shrimp dumplings - the shrimp is plump & delish.

        I've heard good things about their "Chef's Recommendations," BBQ duck, roasted pork, crispy fish of the day & lobster casserole. I need to go back & try those one by one.

        They have some unusual drinks sometimes too, like mango Milo.

        Always check the items scribbled on the black dryboard on the wall.

        1. At the opening last night we had, among other things, "Salt and pepper deep fried" tofu, which is the only tofu dish I have ever genuinely enjoyed, and (加辣)豉汁干炒叉烧空心菜炒河粉 (ask for it by name!)

          (Okay, okay. It's dry style chow fun with roast pork (instead of beef) and spicy black beans, and the oh-so-cruel empty hearted vegetable.)