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Jun 12, 2003 06:51 PM

Crab cakes near BWI

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Looking for a place with great crabcakes with
lots of crab, no filler, near the airport.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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  1. Will you be surprised to find that this is one of the most frequently asked questions on this area of Chowhound, Christopher?! The recommendation is usually G&M, which is in Linthicum and only a few miles from the airport. Their crabcakes are huge and the place is a bit of a dump, but it is very popular. I don't happen to think they are the very best crabcakes in Maryland, but it is probably just what you are looking for near the airport.

    When looking for an address/driving directions for you, I found that the place has a website, which I reference below.

    Enjoy your crabcakes!


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    1. re: Terrie H.

      Tried to get in G&M last week for some lunch. It was packed and there was simply no place to park. It is the best crab cake around, no question about it.

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        For all you Chowhounds this dog is sick! Chow at G&M is bad bad bad! They even told us that the crab was from North Carolina where we came from!Run don't walk away from G&M and their crab mounds, I mean cakes.

        1. re: flavrmeistr

          For all you Chowhounds this dog is sick! Chow at G&M is bad bad bad! They even told us that the crab was from North Carolina where we came from!Run don't walk away from G&M and their crab mounds, I mean cakes.

        2. re: Terrie H.

          As expected, you Baltimore chowhounds really know where to get the best "cakes". Many thanks for all the responses, weblinks and other info. Unfortunately, we arrive early evening into BWI and leave early the next morning for Vermont,so we will try G&M. Hopefully by then, they will not have run out of crab and have to put more filler into their cakes!

        3. Another good crab cake can be found at the Olive Grove (not part of any chain of a similar name. They also have decent Italian. It is just up the road from G&M.
          Below is a link to their site.


          1. I agree with flavrmeistr that G & M is the best around. And as ocdreamr says, Olive Grove has very good crab cakes and good Italian to boot (with the salad and breadsticks you'd find at that 'Olive' chain). Another option is Timbuktu, on Rt 100 west of the Balt-Wash Parkway and east of I-95 off of Coca Cola Dr. Their crab cakes are a little more creamy than I like, but still pretty good, and they make a great Key lime pie.

            I'd rank them G & M, Olive Grove, Timbuktu. If you can't get into G & M's dining room, at least get takeout from the adjoining carryout (though they do have 10 or so tables there). You WON'T be disappointed with G & M.



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            1. re: Kok

              Based on the reviews here, I went to G&M for dinner tonight and well, it didn't measure up. Yeah, it's a bit of a dump, but eating crab cakes in posh surroundings just doesn't seem right to me -- they are blue collar food and best eaten in a place with character. G&M fits that mold, complete with bad 70s decor, carpet that hasn't been replaced since Carter was elected, and the omnipresent thin white dress shirts on the staff, usually worn sans undershirt.

              So I'm not going to be a snob about the surroundings, but I will be about the food. I expect limp and overcooked veggies at a place like that, and wasn't disappointed. The salad was your typical iceberg & carrots & stuff on a plate, but I didn't like the fact that it was room temerature when served. The bread was two large crusty tolls, but the flavor was merely ok.

              Still, if you'll scroll down to my Angelina's review, I go for the crab cake, and that was the measure of the place. I was sorely disappointed.

              They certainly looked good enough -- big and broiled to a light golden brown. I was hihgly optimistic until I began to eat.

              The filler composed over a third of the cakes. It wasn't good filler either -- doughy, flavorless and nearly inedible. The crab was nice -- big chunks of lump meat, but it was drowned in that terrible filler. Some people here have raved about G&M, but in my opinion they are simply wrong. They aren't overpriced -- for what they charge and a smaller cake sans filler it would be a good deal and a much better crab cake.

              There's still a couple of places I haven't tried near BWI (and I live in Columbia), so I'll keep looking, but G&M is one of the few times I feel like the chowhounds have steered me way wrong. They aren't even close to outstanding, and barely qualify as edible.

              Avoid at all costs.

              1. re: Jon Parker

                Thanks for your post. A few more like this and I might be able to get a parking space up there next time.

                1. re: flavrmeistr

                  I didn't mean to offend by dissenting, but I was honestly not pleased with any part of the meal, especially the crab cakes. And you can usually find parking near Lexington Market, where Faidley's does a crab cake that so far earns top honors with me. This is not to say that I've given up looking, however.

                  1. re: Jon Parker

                    None taken, mon frere. I like Faidley's for the fish sandwich and fried oysters. My parking strategy for Fells Point is to go early and stay all day. I've always loved Baltimore and I'd live there if I didn't work in the District.

                2. re: Jon Parker

                  That was why I had recommended the Olive Grove. I had not been to either one for a while but had heard several friends comment that G&M had gone down. It seems that their quality has become inconsistent. Could be that they add filler when the supply is low rather than running out of the product.

                  1. re: ocdreamr

                    That's entirely possible, although based on my experience I'd give them a downhill alert. We did show up shortly before 10 p.m., and they were still quite busy.

                    For the record, my girlfriend thought I was a bit hard on them, but not much. If I had some level of confidence that I was going to get them at their best I'd be willing to try them again. Our tab, with an ok mussels appetizer, two drinks, and a single and a double crabcake platter, was $51 -- certainly reasonable enough.

                    One thing I found sort of weird was that they apparently add the tip to every bill, not just parties of five or six. Ours was $6.50, quite a bit lower than I usually would tip even for standard service. I didn't have any cash to add to it, and there was no option to do so on the credit card receipt.

                  2. re: Jon Parker


                    I'm sad to hear of you terrible experience at G & M. I had the sandwich in the carryout 2 weeks ago and it was great as always, w/ very little filler. I hope G & M was only having a bad night and hasn't 'jumped the shark'. I've recommended it to many people and everyone has always loved it. Did you mention any part of the bad meal to the waiter/waitress, or manager?

                    If you haven't tried the Olive Grove or Timbuktu, they're both not that far from Columbia and both have very good crab cakes.



                    1. re: Jon Parker

                      Over the last week my wife and I have eaten crab cakes at the Captain's Galley in Crisfield, Harrison's in Tilghman Island, Fathoms in Ocean City and the Narrows Restaurant in Kent Island. I've also had Stoney's in Broome Island, G & M, Angelina's, Jerry's Seafood, Prime Rib, Obrycki's, Bo Brooks, Faidley's, the Frog and the Redneck and about 200 other places that claim to have the best. I had considered the lump crab cakes at Angelina's the best with the crab bomb at Jerry's second and the atmosphere of Stoney's overall the most preferable.
                      Today, after two Saturdays in a row, I am convinced that the Narrows in Kent Island, Maryland has the best lump crab cakes I have ever had. This is about 10 miles east of the Bay Bridge and worth the drive. Not just the lump crab meat but the incredible flavor of the lightly toasted crab cake.

                      1. re: Joe H.

                        That's at least 30 miles from BWI - they may be good but that's rather far for the poster's question.

                        1. re: Suzanne

                          Angelina's isn't near BWI either and he referenced that as well as an earlier post of his. These are what I was responding to. Any particular reason you decided to criticize my post?

                        2. re: Joe H.

                          Joe - any chance we can get a full report on your crab cake travels?? I'd love to hear more specifics about ALL the places you tried! What a great way to spend a holiday!!

                          1. re: Terrie H.

                            Terrie, below is a post of mine from 2001 that talks about crabs and crab cakes. There are two that I would add to this list of exemplery ones and they are Jerry's in Seabrook and The Narrows restaurants in Kent Narrows which is about ten miles east of the Bay Bridge o route 50. Based on what my wife and I had yesterday, right now, the Narrows is my first choice for Maryland's best crab cake. $15.95 for the lump crab cake sandwich but it was incredibly delicious. If anyone reading this goes also consider (seriously) their cream of crab soup which is also exemplery. The Narrows is overall one of Maryland's best "Chesapeake style" seafood restaurants.


                            1. re: Joe H.

                              Is this place near Harris Crab House? I'm looking for a good alternative in this area, since Harris Crab House is often a madhouse...

                              1. re: mouse

                                Very, very close to it. The link to their homepage is below.


                    2. In a similar vein, years ago the Post had a story about a place near the Hagerstown Airport that had great crab cakes. Does anyone know if it still exists, and if so is it worth a detour?

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                      1. re: johnb

                        The restaurant is Nicks Airport Inn, and while their crabcakes are fine, they are not worth a detour. The reason they have been raved abuut is relative to the location: there is very little good eating in the Hagerstown area so anything even reasonably good is considered exceptional.

                      2. Yes this is an old topic but I am bringing it back because I just spent a weekend eating crab cakes in MD (due in no small part to research on this and similar other threads).

                        The G&M crabcakes were quite large, and had LOTS of big, meaty chunks of crab in them! Mmmm, mm!

                        But, they weren't perfect. You know why? They didn't taste crabby. How weird is that? I mean, they were obviously full of big hunks of crab - and yet, to me, they didn't have that crab taste much at all. So, the eyes were happy, but the tongue, not so much.

                        One place I did have a good crab cake was off exit 100 on I-95, close to the Delaware border. There was a seafood store that sold crabcakes, as well as other stuff (take exit 100A towards north end - follow signs to Woody's Crab House, but this seafood shop is before you actually get there). Quite good!