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May 15, 2001 09:39 PM

Critics: good and bad

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Lots of talk here regarding the burdens of food criticism. What critics in the bay area do you like to read? Who's clueless, who's right on?

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  1. We all read plenty of Michael Bauer, like it or not. IMHO, he is too political in his reviews and tends to blanket restaurant groups/chefs he likes and award the stars accordingly.

    I have known way too many a chef who sweats the Chronicle pink section 2-3 months following their opening. He is 'make or break' for lots of folks.

    I am now living in Sonoma County, and am always upset by the fact that even though we have grown much larger and are a greater culinary force, Jeff Cox writes ALL the reviews for the Press Democrat. And I think his writing is poor.

    I do like Michele Anna Jordan who is Sonoma County based, but does reviews for the Chronicle special regional editions.