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May 14, 2001 12:14 PM

Cosmopolitan Cafe delivers the fine dining experience

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A sunday eve visit found the 4 of us seated in a booth served by unobtusive professionals.The stellar California wine list (W/ selections starting at $18)launched us into the New York quality fresh gnocchi w/ goat cheese($8) and totally greaseless totally tasty fried calamari.The entrees of hanger steak and thick Niman Ranch pork chops-well prepared and presented and in the $18 range.The farm raised salmon was a miss however.Desserts at $7 each were adequate.
Pre Dinner cocktails,2 bottles of wine,appetizers,entrees and desserts for 4 people was $232 + Tip.
This downtown SF restaurant in the shadow of Boulevard and Chaya Brasserie has been getting good reviews and great word of mouth.Quieter atmosphere w/out the attitude of Bacar.

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