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May 12, 2001 01:16 PM

BBQ, Dave Ragals & Chowhound in SJ Mercury News!

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I just got around to reading the BBQ articles in the Wednesday Food section of the Merc. I was wondering if someone was clever enough to include Memphis Minnie's, when I discovered that the article mentioned Dave Ragals Ironman BBQ tour in April, with the very address of our beloved Chowhound board! And Memphis Minnie's was featured in the Food to Go column as well. (I think we can count the author, Candace Murphy, among our compatriots -- Hi Candace.)

There is a link to the article below. Chowhounds are trendsetters again!


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  1. ...And of course, the author of the main article, Geoffrey Tomb, must be scrolling down our boards as well. Hi Geoffrey.

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    1. re: Anne Emry

      David's piece actually got some other press as well, in a newsletter called "Food and Wine Backwire" (subscribe at
      one great thing about the San Jose Mercury News article was a sidebar about Bay Area barbecue. I only knew a few of them. Was disappointed they didn't cover Flints (which I love) much more, but I'm anxious to try the other places. Read it at link below:


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Down here in Salinas, we can vouch for Central Texan in Castroville. And, yes, the owner does look like Willy Nelson! My bro, who's an E&J devotee, will go to Uncle Frank's in East Palo Alto if it's too long between visits to the East Bay.