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May 11, 2001 12:17 AM

Meet the Chowhounds! Monday May 14th

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The next opportunity to meet the people behind the postes has arrived. Monday, May 14, at Cha Am in Vallejo ( RSVP's will be taken here on the Bay Area board, and my personal email address. Bring a smilling face, a friend or loved one, and a great attitude (stag is welcome as well). Bottles are also encouraged. This will be a great oportunity to share your favorite vino with those who will appreciate it. Their standard corkage is $7. I have been told that if several bottles are opened they will only charge $5. The initial reso has been made for 15, but they are perfectly willing to serve more. Email me at or post an RSVP. To borrow Justin's tag line.....

Peace and Grub to all!

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  1. Brandon,
    what time is the reservation for?

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    1. re: gordon wing
      Brandon Nelson


      I don't know know how I managed to leave the reso time out of that post. Somewhat relevant info, don't cha think? Hope to see ya there dude!


    2. Super job, Brandon!

      I'll be there (the one with the chilled bottle of Billecart-Salmon Champagne in hand). 7PM, right?

      The restaurant's website has a map. To get your bearings, it's across the highway from Marine World.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        melanie--my favorite!! now i'm really! upset i can't be there!

        (have you had the nicholas feuillatte '90 cuvee speciale brut? if so, your thots? maybe my 2nd fav, or at least right up there IMHO)

        1. re: Rochelle

          Sorry you can't join us, Rochelle.

          About 2 years ago (pre-Y2K blow-out) I had the chance to attend a sit down tasting of the whole line-up. A fascinating look at the house story and style, this is a Champagne carefully designed for American tastes. Round flavors packed with ripe fruit and ready to drink on release, I could appreciate the style, although my own preference runs more to minerally and austere elegance. The wines are criticized by Champagne-purists as ungainly and too obvious, but to each his own. The top cuvee, 90 palms d'or, was marvellously winey and complex. The one I liked the most was the brut rosé, extremely fruity and quaffable. I felt the house style found its best expression in this cuvee.

          Billecart-Salmon is my favorite, and I always have a few bottles of the brut reservee around as the house bubbly. I think it's the best Champagne under $35, hits just the right balance of fruit vs. mineral taste for my palate. The rosé is the opposite side of the spectrum from Feuillatte, very delicate and high-toned, but I like both. The luxury cuvees are well worth the price for the quality in the bottle.

      2. Brandon,
        Count me (1) in for dinner on Monday night at Cha Am. See you there at 7pm! Looking forward to a great evening.

        1. b
          Brandon Nelson

          7 pm reso at Cha Am. So far it's a table for 5, but feel free to drop in if you can make it. If not, catch you at the next event!