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Restaurant business slows suddenly-Is it True?

Duke Dee May 9, 2001 10:43 AM

Todays San Jose Mercury says, "diners had to book far in advance to get into a top restaurant last year-this year -you can get in just about anyplace-anytime"Even the French Laundry gets mentioned as an easy booking.Is the media distorting things once again?Anybody got comments on the"crowd factor" in their favorite places?

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    Leslie Brenner May 9, 2001 11:22 AM

    It's definitely the case where I am, in New York City, Duke. The slow-down started some months ago.

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    1. re: Leslie Brenner
      Lucy Gore May 9, 2001 09:29 PM

      This is extremely true everywhere. Being in the industry, it is a common topic and we all feel it has to do with the stock market, energy crisis and lop-sided pollitics. . . all perdictable. I live in Napa & you can find your way into any place other than the French Laundry (folks still will pay for a special "have you been there" outing.)more now than ever before. I'm so happy about this, myself. It brings the reality of dining out into a larger spectrum. Dining out should be simplier than it is, in my opinion and eating out a definite high-point in your day. The crunch makes all restaurant owners pay close attention. Without consumers, they are sh** outta luck.

      1. re: Lucy Gore
        Melanie Wong May 12, 2001 02:38 AM

        A stat that blew by my screen estimated that national restaurant revenues in April were up 1.3% over the prior year, however, that is the smallest year-to-year increase in 2001.

    2. j
      Jim H. May 9, 2001 02:12 PM

      What do they know about fancy eating in San Jose???

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        srf1 May 9, 2001 02:42 PM

        Well, As you can see from the post down below regarding FL, it's still hard as he** to get a reservation. However, I personally have noticed that it is slightly easier to get into some of the SF-proper restaurants (Belon, Bacar, Masa's, etc) then it has been for awhile. Interesting that it has affected New York as well. I guess when the Nasdaq affects how much money you feel you have, it can run in corrolation. I know I feel a lot poorer than last year!! LOL. I wouldn't want to be opening a new restaurant in this current climate.

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