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May 3, 2001 05:47 PM


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We will be in San Fran next month for a Friday wedding and have Sat free for dinner. A friend recommended Bix, yet I haven't seen it mentioned here.

Any thoughts?

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    Randy Salenfriend


    Bix is a terrific only in San Francisco place. Very urbane, 40's style supper club jazz atmosphere. Very sophisticated and upscale, dressy and very cool. Great martinis, live music and contemporary California/Mediterranean style food with some fusion elements. We have reservations in June and went there for our anniversary. Always consistent and we love the atmosphere. Even the location is cool, hidden alley in an area of San Francisco known as Jackson Square. You will feel as if you just stepped into a Film Noir classic. Enjoy.

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    1. re: Randy Salenfriend

      Glad to hear Bix is still doing well! I used to work there (pastry chef) and ate there everyday because the food was so good (okay, the fact that it was free really helped, but still). I've always been surprised that so few people seem to have heard about it... but then again, maybe that's what happens when you hide your front door in an alley.

      1. re: Randy Salenfriend

        like the perfect spot! We love martinis and jazz so it's sort of a no-brainer for us! Any menu recommendations?

        Thanks again for the input...

        1. re: Mike T
          Randy Salenfriend

          Mike, try the potato pancake and salmon if on the menu, the salads are also all wonderful and change frequently. I have enjoyed everything from duck to lamb in the entree category. It is a little difficult to make specific recommendations as the menu changes daily. Tough to make a bad decision though. Enjoy!!