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anywhere decent near Leesburg Outlets?

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Is there anywhere decent to eat that's convenient to the Leesburg outlets? Preferably something cheap, quick, Asian/deli/vegetarian/Mexican all options. Thanks! Shopping can make one hungry and their food court is abominable.

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  1. Unfortunately I have also wondered the same thing many times but in driving around the nearby areas all I have seen are a McDonald's and a few bad chains ala Applebee's. Sorry I can't help but would love to hear if you find a place.

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      Just a few miles west of Leesburg is the nice little town of Hamilton, home of Planet Wayside, the original "Crummy But Good" joint.

      Right near the outlets as you head into downtown is a venerable locals' favorite, Johnson's Beef House. It's been on my list of places to try for a long time.

    2. Leesburg proper is only 5 minutes away from the outlets and is worth checking out. There are several restaurants, from casual to upscale, in town within a block or two of King and Market Streets and its a nice place to walk around. Thai, mexican, italian and a good ole American luncheonette are in the mix. There was a really nice little French bistro in town but it may not be there anymore. It's just been too long since I ate there to give you a reliable recommendation but I know that I would go there to eat before Applebees, McDonalds, etc, which is what you will see on Route 7 or 15. I wonder if the biker bar is still there on King Street (although they may all be yuppies by now). Look for the Harleys! ;-)

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        How would one get to Leesburg proper from the outlets? I'll be venturing out there this weekend. Thanks.

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          The outlets are just a few blocks east of downtown Leesburg. Just take any street (I think Market St. is one) on the other side of the Route 15 Bypass and it will funnel you into the very nice little downtown area.

      2. Another place not too far from Leesburg is the Purcellville Inn. They feature an upscale Italian restaurant but I always enjoyed the burgers and beer in the downstairs tavern after a long ride on the bike path. If you have the time it's worth the detour.

        Link: http://loudouncounty.com/dining/cande...

        1. Is the Tuscarora Mill still in Leesburg? My SO used to have a jazz gig there and the food was pretty decent, as I remember...

          1. I would suggest you take a pass on most of the places in downtown Leesburg. The are more atmosphere then food worthy. Not bad so much as blah. I would suggest you check out either:
            A) Giovannis New York Pizza.
            520 E Market St
            Leesburg, VA
            Located in a strip mall, from the outside this place looks pretty iffy, kinda chef boyardee-ish. Don't be fooled. Good pizza, great calzones. Good, fresh ingredients. Owned by a very friendly family.


            B) La Chozita Grill
            210 Loudoun St SE
            Leesburg, VA
            Good peruvian chicken place. Small and a little hard to find, It looks like someones house, the entrance and parking is in back. Tasty food and dirt cheap to boot.

            You can get good step by step driving directions from the outlet mall by going to maps.yahoo.com and clicking on driving directions. HTH

            1. Lightfoot on King St. (I believe) in downtown Leesburg is not bad. My one meal there was OK, but I have heard better things from several other people. Nice setting in an old bank building.

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                Lightfoot was a wonderful setting. The food was wonderfully disappointing also. I believe a much better choice is Tuscarora Mill several blocks away. If you sit in their bar area and order from their appetizer menu the cost won't be too bad.

              2. I just heard a report on the radio about a place in
                Leesburg called the Mighty Midget. Anyone eaten there?
                It sounded great.


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                  they are reputed to serve great ribs on weekends.

                  also, it's supposed to be the smallest restaurant in the US.

                  definitely seems to be worth a try.

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                    Best for lunch. Tiny outdoor seating.

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                      Happy to see the Mighty Midget is still around.

                      Their website is: http://www.bzbbqco.com/mightymidget.html
                      their link to the WashPost City Guide for their location is broken and should probably be this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-...

                      There isn't any indoor seating so enjoy it while it's warm and the sun shines.

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                      Midget is the best damn bbq in the DC area.....worth driving over a 100 miles to eat here....but get there before 1PM.....lots of crowds.....

                    3. Update on places near the Leesburg outlets (sorry, I know they are old posts, but I just became a member). The Purcellville Inn is no longer in business (and was about 20 minutes away). In Leesburg, I would recommend Vintage 50 (it's new and the service is good, easy to get there) -- it's a local microbrewery-type place, but reasonably classy. Patio (weather and season permitting, of course) or inside dining at the moment. On Catoctin Circle, there's a Mexican-style restaurant, casual and good (we've eaten there for years); there's also an Anita's (local New Mexican-style Mexican food chain, so to speak), but the other gives you more room and is only about 3 minutes further away). There's a Red Hot and Blue in Leesburg on the main street (barbecue place, chain), about 3 minutes away. Lansdowne has some upscale places now (it's just east), but not really a "I've been shopping and am dressed that way" experience. There is a good, but tiny, pizza place (very thin crust and not a chain) near the new Giant grocery store just east of the outlets (I could look up the name if anyone's interested). Oh, a new Harris Teeter shopping center just east of the outlets has a few places (we've eaten in two and the seem nice and yet casual). There's actually a back way in from the outlets (to avoid Route 7), but you'd have to not mind a dirt road -- at least, it's dirt at the moment. Directly across from the malls there is a Bob Evans (the manager's always been friendly to us), a Panera (cafe chain, but nice and casual), and a TGIF (don't bother, unless you're very fond of smoke) -- we've lived here since 1989 and never eaten there as we can't get past the smoke. If you are going as far as Purcellville, there's a family-run South of the Border restaurant with a few other choices that we like, casual. I'd stay away from The Grille in Purcellville -- we don't want you to think Virginians are as curt or rude as we find the hostess there. Food's not bad, but there's more to eating out than the food. We think she needs to discover hospitality. Questions?

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                        another good option is the non-chain Blue Ridge Grille, which is right across the bypass from the outlets. Casual, moderate prices, really good food.

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                          I would second Blue Ridge Grille. There is also the Eifel Tower Cafe which is the French bistro that Ellen was referencing. Eifel Tower has a very cute outdoor patio in the spring and summer time. I cannot vouche for the inside... it seems more formal but I have never eaten inside. I also had a good mediterranean meal at Bacchus Cafe.


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                            there is a sweetwater tavern about 10 minutes from there, its great food for what it is, and they also have great beer. its always mobbed but they let you call ahead which is nice. i highly reccomend it!

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                            Some people like it, but it's not for me.

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                            I'm interested in the pizza place name.

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                              I'll look for the name -- I think it's in the Potomac Station shopping center (the other end of the center from Best Buy) -- and I think it's called "Z".

                              There is another pizza place -- fancier -- in Lansdowne, near Harris Teeter (there are several decent restaurants there -- another Panera, a couple of South of the Border ones, a Thai, what I assume is a seafood restaurant . . .). The pizza one is Emilio's Brick Oven. It's a bit pricier, but a nice restaurant, the food is very good, fresh, and Emilio seems to take great joy in it.

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                              Some good places in and around leesburg are tuscarora mill, blue ridge grill for nice sit down meals. Some good quick places are Panera, Mo's (behind the outlets if you keep going on Fort Evans). Purcellville is a cute town and they have a sister restaurant to Tuscrarora called Magnolia's. I would agree with the last post...stay away from the Grille in Purcellville for the exact same reason that was mentioned. The hostess/owner is so rude I won't ever eat there again.

                            3. I used to live in Leesburg and can vouch for the bacchus cafe, blue ridge grill, and giovanni's for pizza. someone who still lives there correct me if I am wrong..but if you do go to the blue ridge grill, there is a bakery in the walmart shopping center across the way that had very tasty gelato....

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                                The bakery rHairing means is the European Gourmet Bakery. In addition to gelato, they have great bread (they also sell at the Saturday Leesburg Farmers Market), a few sandwiches, entrees and a salad bar. The store is plain but the food is good.


                              2. Oh, and you can just go to the Harris Teeter's (although it isn't as close) and get sandwiches etc. at the deli -- with warmer weather now, a picnic might not be a bad idea. Especially if you have children with you.