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May 3, 2001 03:17 PM

Sonoma Mission

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No quite a dining question, but there seems to be several N Cal experts here.

I'm planning our 5 year anniversary and would like to hear any comments regarding the Sonoma Mission Inn $ Spa. We spent our honeymoon in a B&B in Napa and loved the area. If we're not real "spa" type people, is the Inn worth it just for the comfort or is it geared for people that want the full body treatment?

Thanks for any advice!!!

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  1. IMHO, as a local, not worth it . . . go for Kenwood Inn, Glenelly Inn or The Gaige House instead. As another option, though probably a 2 night minimum, try Landmark Winery in Kenwood. They have a suite and one bedroom cottage on the grounds that they rent to the public. The accommodations are lovely and the people are great.

    1. I stayed there 2 years ago. The other activities there are golf and swimming (2 small pools). It's best for those relishing the spa treatments. Personally, I found the rooms and restaurant mediocre. Hope you find the right place for your special occaision!

      1. I stayed at SMI for a corporate retreat prior to the luxury suites in the annex were added on. The rooms in the main building aren't that great for the price, and the A/C can barely keep up on hot days. While SMI has recently revamped its main restaurant, it had been known for charging too much for what you get, and I would doubt that the price levels would drop.

        If you were "spa" people, the main attraction of actually staying at SMI is walking around the grounds in a robe all day long and no one thinks anything of it. Otherwise, I'd suggest staying somewhere else. You can always buy a day pass at the spa for any treatments that you want - that's what I do. Hotel guests get the preferred times, but if the place isn't full, that won't make a difference. The spa pools are heated to different temperatures and it's nice to take progressive dips before your masssage appointment.

        Two places I'd recommend are Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen and the Carriage House in Sonoma (3 blocks from the Plaza). The Carriage House is owned by my friend Julie Solomon Atwood, a well-known designer. The time I stayed there, I locked myself outside in my nightgown at 2am, but the caretaker on site came right away and let me back in. Both have websites that you can check for more information.