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Had lunch at Just WonTon today (Vicente between 22/23). This is primarily a noodle house that specializes in you guessed it - wontons. Which I love. Ordered the wonton soup with BBQ pork and noodles. What came out was a wonderful steaming bowl chock full of thin, toothsome egg noodles with light-as-air wontons (7-8) and fall-off-the-bone tender cleaved hunks of BBQ pork. The wontons were made with minced pork and whole shrimp. The wonton wrapper was the thinnest kind possible, making for a wonderfully light little dumpling! The broth (no MSG) tasted like it was made from pork or chicken bones and had just the right amount of saltiness. There was also a "sweetness" about it, that flavor you get when the broth is made from bones of some sort that isn't easily duplicated. The only thing I would've liked as an addition would be some chinese broccoli for crunch and a little bit of bitterness. It was a great bowl of soup.

I also ordered some take-out for my husband of potstickers and veggie chowmein. I tried a little of both and they're both excellent. The potstickers are not doughy and heavy. They are filled with very finely minced pork, a lot of ginger, some cabbage, and scallions. Very flavorful just on their own- no sauce needed. The chowmein noodles again were toothsome and they were not greasy. Veggies included napa, a lot of dried shitakes, bok choy, bean sprouts, ginger, and scallions. Very clean taste and definitely not greasy. Could've used some black vinegar with this though.

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  1. I agree. JUST WONTON serves a great bowl of wonton soup. However, I have noticed that the noodle dishes like chow mein and the singapore noodles, while tasty, have been a little on the bland side. Overall though, this place is a great little "hole in the wall".