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May 1, 2001 06:57 PM

Recs on Bay Wolf, Rivoli, Lalime's

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I'm trying to organize a dinner for 8 people out in the East Bay. I'm deciding between Bay Wolf, Rivoli, and Lalime's. I hear all 3 are supposed to be great food-wise, warm service-wise, and fair to the wallet given the product so any additional insight that may give comparison points between them could be helpful.


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    Caitlin McGrath

    Tida, forgive me if this is info you already have, but if not it may be helpful: all three have web sites.

    Beyond that, I wish I could be of more help. I have been to all three and agree with your assessment re food, service, value, and they all do nice Mediterranean/California-style food, but I haven't been to any for a few years so I can't give you recent impressions. Lalime's is quite dedicated to seasonal ingredients and often has themed menus. The settings are all about equivalent in the casual-but-nice vein typical of Berkeley/Oakland places.

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      My favorite among the three is Lalime's. The meals I've had there have ranged from very good to sublime. I can't remember if you had a particular date in mind, but Lalime's is always offering intriguing special menus (listed on the website). Their "ordinary" menu also changes once every three weeks.

      I went to Bay Wolf to celebrate after passing my qualifying exams (grad school) and while I enjoyed the app found my entree pretty dull. In fact I couldn't eat more than a few bites (but that was probably due to pregnancy-related appetite weirdness). Of course, Bay Wolf's menu changes month to month so this may not be a typical problem. I have one friend who swears that Bay Wolf's desserts are better than Lalime's. I think this was true the night we visited.

      Rivoli is a really pleasant restaurant, but a notch down in quality from Lalime's or Bay Wolf, I think. The room is slightly less elegant, the food a little simpler.

      Hope that's helpful,

      Rachel Hope

      1. re: Rachel Hope

        Thanks to both of you guys. I think I'm going to go to Lalime's and will check out their current specialty menu on the website (no I didn't realize there was one). This was really helpful and I'm looking forward to my meal there. Will post once we go with anything great.


        1. re: Rachel Hope

          Thanks for the postings, I am also going up to Oakland to visit friends and have dinner this weekend! Lalime's looks really yummy, but a bit farther north than where we will be. Has anyone been to Oliveto recently?

          1. re: Sarah
            Caitlin McGrath

            I haven't been recently, and when I recommended it here with fond memories and good word-of-mouth since (includong here), someone posted a very negative opinion. (If you do a search for Oliveto on the home page, you'll see it.)

            Another option that's just up the block from Oliveto is Citron. It was aways very good when I was there (again not recent), and has been complented here pretty recently.