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Apr 29, 2001 07:27 PM

Berkeley's Downtown

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Am curious about people's experiences at Richard Mazzera's (of Cesar) new restaurant, Downtown...

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  1. We wandered in Sat.and got seated in a few minutes. That will change soon once they get some press but at least they do take reservations. The fritto misto was crisp and greaseless (the aoili is NOT as good as caesar's)the grilled seafood stew was fresh and well seasoned. Both the red and white by the glass that we chose were really wonderful and under $8 a glass. There are no frills in the decor but it is comfortable and quiet enough to have a conversation. Some of the tables around us had a few kinks but for such a new place they had it pretty together. I'm ready to go back and am hoping they may get REALLY good with time. And they serve a small menu late nite. This means when we go to Berk. Rep. we don't have to eat at twilight or go home afterwards and dig through the frig!

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      Thanks for the post! I am going tomorrow night and will let you know how it is "aging."