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Apr 11, 2003 10:46 AM

Indian Recommendation around lower Dupont

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Any suggestions for Indian restaurants that would be around lower Dupont Circle. I will be coming from 25th and N and my friend will be coming from Dupont. Thanks.

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  1. Not really any good Indian in Dupont, but your best bet and still within walking distance is Bombay Club at Connecticut Ave and H St (815 Connecticut Ave). Other places, and actually in Dupont, are Polo India Club (Connecticut & R) and Taj Mahal (Connecticut & N), but neither have made a good impression on me. Alternately you could go to Malaysia Kopitiam (18th & M); Malaysian food has a lot of Indian dishes, as well as chinese and thai influences.

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      Actually I was wondering about Malaysia Kopitiam. How is? Any recs? Thanks for the advice.

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        I've always enjoyed Malaysia Kopitiam but I've never tried any of the indian dishes there. I love the raja chicken.

    2. There is Bombay Palace on K St. NW between 20 and 21 St.

      There is Jyoti on 18th St. in Adams Morgen

      Both of them are good. Jyoti is run by Jack Katyal who owned and managed one time famous 'Tandoor' in G'town.

      You may try the Pakistani Restaurants 'Mehran' on PA ave and 22ns St. NW and 'Mayur' at 1108 K St. NW.

      I do not give any recommendation because the taste is personal and individual. The Pakistani restaurants are low budget under $7 an entree.