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Apr 27, 2001 10:59 PM

Tainan Taste, Richmond

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This week I skidded into the Pacific East Mall (Richmond) to get a quick snack before completing my drive back to the City. Tainan Taste features an extensive menu of small snacks as well as larger Taiwanese-style dishes, so I decided to try it for the firs time. I only ordered a dish of fried daikon cake ($3.50) accompanied by a oyster sauce for dipping. Decent but not great with a nicely browned crust, but none of the little add-ins that add flavor interest.

Other things on the menu include lots of soups, noodles, and almost every animal part imaginable and then some. Pigs feet, tripe, pigs ears, pork heart, cheeks, chitterling, pork uteri, liver, blood, stomach, kidney, and more. And there's even deep-fried stinky tofu.

Since I didn't try any of those things, I can't offer much of a recommendation. Actually, there's only reaon I'm posting -- after the staff locked the doors at 9pm (I was still eating), they congregated in front of the television and stood smartly at salute while singing the Republic of China national anthem. So, if you're looking for a place to belt out patriotic songs, this is it.

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  1. Seems like they've got branches all over the place. They opened up their first branch around 1995 down here in San Gabriel, calling it Southland Taste. Then another Southland Taste opened up in Cupertino. I see they also have a branch in Milpitas and also one in San Diego. I especially like their fish cake.

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      Do they sing at your local branch too? (g)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Don't think so. It's too small.

    2. Tainan Taste has vacated. VH Noodle House is the new tenant.