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Apr 3, 2003 09:59 PM

Broken Record -- Joe's Noodle House

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Went to Joe's with Chowhounds Jeremy and G. this p.m. Ho hum: Only another few standout dishes I hadn't tried before -- A37, H06, W05 and, especially, the yummy R26 (stir-fried rice cakes with pork & veggies), to go along with old standbys such as A41 (my fave) and T20.
(For translations, see menu linked below.) I'm beginning to fear that I'll never get to the bottom of all the deliciousness at JNH -- but only another 200 or so dishes to go!


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  1. I may have to give Joe's another one dinner there was very disappointing. Maybe I ordered wrong..

    Let me know the next time you go; perhaps I can tag along and get the benefit of your enthusiastic experiences.

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      Well, Jim, in case we don't get that chance, here's a list of the items I've had that I really liked: E06, E07, E11, E14, T03, F01, F09, F20, F30, F26, W01, W05, N11, N24, N34, R26, A37, A22, A24, F11, T20, F28, H23, H20, H21, H04, H06, H17, A05, A13, A30, A41, E09, E15, and E21.

      And here's the list of the dishes that haven't done anything for me: N21, N22, F03.


      1. re: Jim Zurer

        I don't work too far away, and would also appreciate an invitation to join you for a weekday lunch -- if you can give me a heads-up the day before.

        I've been meaning to get there, but unfortunately, I'm pretty confident my wife and 2-year old son wouldn't be too pleased.

      2. Marty beat me to the board this morning (or rather last night), so I can only second his enthusiastic review. Joe's was all that he promised, and an incredibly welcome change from the same old boring stuff at City Lights and Meiwah. We had something like seven or eight dishes and each had its own distinctive flavor, some intensely spicy and others quite delicate.

        1. Marty or anyone else who knows: those stir-fried rice cakes, R26 -- would those be oval-shaped?

          If so, I will be making the drive from Virginia tomorrow!

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          1. re: Bob W.

            yes -- oval they be

            1. re: Bob W.

              Ok, so what's the deal with the oval shape?

              1. re: Steve

                These bad boys are sort of like an uber-rice noodle. If cooked properly they are pleasingly chewy. They are formed in long "ropes" that are then cut into ovals.

                Chow fun lovers will swoon for rice cakes/ovaletts. Also known as New Year's Cake, for when they are traditionally eaten.

                Go to a big asian supermarket, and you'll see how popular they are. You should be able to find the uncut "ropes" as well. I really wish more restaurants would serve them.

                Here's a web site from Boston -- a rice cake hotbed -- that has rice cake cooking tips, recipes, pictures, etc.


            2. Is this the place "noodle house" across from Congressional Plaza near the metro stop? I don't have a car, so I'm hoping the answer is yes!

              P.S. Thanks for the very specific recommendations and the link to the menu. For a place like this, it's great to be able to check out the menu ahead of time, so one can plot and plan the perfect meal...

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              1. re: mouse

                Those reviewing the menu and plotting ahead should not be deterred from ordering items noted with a star. Although the menu says that those items are "numbing," as opposed to the "hot" and "very hot" items marked with one or two peppers, respectively, we ordered a couple of those dishes and found them very pleasant. Though certainly spicy, they did not burn the mouth or require the gulping of water with every bite.

                1. re: mouse

                  I think it is in the same shopping plaza as Pier One and Taipei Tokyo and Three Brothers.

                  1. re: dstultz

                    Nope -- that's not it. It's not visible from the street. It's on the east side of the Pike, just north of "On the Border" and across the street from Hooters (to name just two Chowhound landmarks!). There's a decent Persian restaurant and an interesting little Russian market in the same stripmall.

                2. Marty, I agree with you that Joe's Noodle House is boring. I never go there more than three times a week.

                  A few months ago, my tennis club asked me to bring carry-out for a dinner. I ordered 15 dishes, with a slant toward the spicy (including the dreaded H20), thinking, well, at least I'll enjoy it. But everybody loved it, even the ones who can't hit a flat backhand down the line.