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Apr 26, 2001 12:42 PM

filipino cuisin

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It seems very difficult to find an all-out restaurant in the Bay Area serving all-out Filipino cuisine. Any idea on where to find such scrumdidilicious servings? I know Daly City and Union City have big Filipino communities, but my ignorance is big on those locations as well....any help on that too?

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  1. The demographics in Vallejo should inspire some Filipino restaurants too. I tried a Filipino-Chinese place last week, Ling-Nam Noodle House (in the same shopping center as Target off Hwy 80), which is a fast food chain from Manilla. A little different twist on Chinesey dishes, mostly bbq and noodles. The Filipino breakfast menu here looked very interesting - will have to go back early and try some of those things.

    Here's a link to an earlier discussion on this topic. If you make some discoveries, please let us know!


    1. There's a place in South San Francisco that has good Filipino food. "Goldilocks" is on Westborough Blvd. off of Hwy. 280, near Serramonte Shopping Center. It's not fancy, but the food is always yummy.

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        Can you tell us some of your favorites at Goldilocks?

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          I didn't post the original message, but there's a Goldilocks in my neighborhood (the Excelsior in SF) on Mission St. (I'm not sure of the cross street, but it isn't too far from Excelsior.) I like their pancit sotanghon (sp?) and their fresh lumpia. There are lots of hot dishes in the steam table, but you'll have to look at them when you get there because freshness varies. I generally like the stews. I also like their barbecue pork skewers that are served with a good vinegar cabbage "slaw." The little fried lumpia are also good, but make sure they are hot. Sometimes things sit on the counter -- nothing worse than a lukewarm fried lumpia.

          Also, the baked goods are very good and very inexpensive. You wouldn't think that the poundcake is as good as it is if you just looked at the individually cellophane-wrapped slices -- somehow that evokes Hostess-type baked goods (to me, anyway.) However, if you look at the ingredients, there are only flour, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla (I think vanilla is in the poundcake)listed. Of course, the taste is what counts to us chowhounds, and this poundcake is excellent. I also like their spongecakes -- great with fresh fruit. I'm not that fond of the cake roll -- the filling isn't to my taste -- I think it's a texture thing.

          I've never been to the Goldilocks in Daly City, but this one in the Excelsior is pretty good (best at prime mealtimes -- lunch or dinner -- when there is a good turnover of dishes.)

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            Nancy, traffic got in the way of my hoped for early return to the City tonight, so I made a dinner stop at the Goldilocks in Vallejo. I scanned the steam table for what looked best and chose the goat stewed with red and green peppers in a piquant tomato sauce. It was very tasty but had a lot of bones that were a challenge to handle with plastic cutlery.

            There was no pound cake but I did get a cello-wrapped piece of marble cake that was buttery and moist. Very nice dessert for $1.10.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I found out about Sinugba Restaurant (2055 Gellert) from this list...Last week, I was so homesick that I took BART all the way out to the Colma station, then from there the 122 line to the Westborough/Gellert stop...THEN walking all the way down Gellert to Sinugba (Ling Nam is there as well, passed it but didn't go in, is that place good?)

              Anyways, to make a long story short. That homesickness which could only be alleviated by good Filipino food, was finally cured! Sinugba is a good restuarant, they serve an extensive breakfast menu (pork adobo, with garlic rice and eggs, lechon kawali, tuyo, tinapia, bangus, with garlic rice and eggs) all day at a cheap $5.75, good on my student budget. I also had a halo-halo with ube ice cream. It was really yummy. I could tell the food is fresh, seeing a lot of fellow pinoys and pinays in there too as well as the Filipino channel on in a tv in the corner was nice, too. I also had a halo-halo with ube ice cream. Fabulous.


              1. re: ryan gan

                Wow, Ryan! With that kind of a trek, you really earned your breakfast.

                Why don't you tell us where you live - maybe a chowhound can tip you to something a little closer?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I sure earned that breakfast. Oh man, it took me so long...I was so hungry I was thinking of ordering *two* breakfast specials at Sinugba. The eggs really rounded out the meal, mmmmm egg yolk over the garlic rice. Yummy.

                  I live in Berkeley, so I just BART'ed out there. I've been to that eatery in the Mint off of Mission. I forget what it's called. That place is okay, kinda dirty. The kare kare was pretty good. I think it's called Filipinas Restaurant.

                  Any of you fellow chowhounds know of any filipino restaurants closer to me/more accesible by public transportation?


                  1. re: ryan gan

                    I hope some 'hounds will come to your rescue, Ryan. There is a Goldilocks which has baked goods and steam tables in the Pacific East mall (Ranch 99).

                    1. re: Melanie Wong


                      Does the Goldilocks in the Pacific East Mall have filipino food besides baked goods?


                      1. re: ryan gan

                        Ryan, I haven't stepped inside the Richmond store, so I can't say for sure that they have hot food. Here's the e-mail address for the store manager.


                        I've added a link to the Goldilocks menu page below. If you scan upwards in this thread, you'll find several mentions of other Goldilocks treats.


                2. re: ryan gan
                  Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

                  2CHG don't know Filipino food real well, however have a couple favorites.

                  For that eggs over garlic rice with tomatos thing, try Manila Garden in Hayward, at A Street and Hesperian. It comes with various meats; I prefer the spiced pork; there is also chicken, sausage, and fish. The rice is what does it, so garlicky and good. A super lunch.

                  In Alameda, 2CHG favor Sampaguita, on Lincoln near Sherman. Recently had great chicken adobo, good pork adobo, wonderful baked seasoned eggplant, and a great banana and mango pastele. Close to the office, so we go for lunch; don't know about dinner or weekends. Get there early, it gets crowded fast with a West End clientele.

                  Tried Goldilocks at Ranch 99, but not impressed. The lechon was dried up.