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Apr 26, 2001 12:58 AM

SJ area dining

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i'll be in the san jose/palo alto area this weekend and am looking for recommendations- for breakfast and dinner. i'm a fan of seafood, mexican, or good thai. also- does anyone have any opinions of ole espana, mango cafe, or chacha's? thanks!

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  1. Rachael:

    There are two superb restaurants in downtown
    San Jose: Paolo and A.P.Stump.

    1. j
      Judith Hurley

      Buca La Pastaia, a little out of the way place next to a hardware store in a strip mall on Winchester south of Campbell, is outstanding. It may be late to get a table, it's starting to get noticed, and it's tiny. The best Mexican food in San Jose doesn't have a big name attached to it. Neighborhood places like Casa de Vicky on 17th and Julian are great. La Habana on Race Street has really good Cuban food, but it gets overwhelmed on weekends, and the service is s-l-o-w. (And if you go there, don't get discouraged by the hopeless little salad with canned peas, it is not a harbinger of the meal to come). Japantown's restaurants are local favorites. I like Tsugaru, and if you need a white tablecloth, there's Kubota. If you're mostly downtown, La Pastaia in the DeAnza is notable, and 71 St. Pedro, on San Pedro Street, doesn't get the press the big guys do, but it's charming, personal, and the food is fine.