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Apr 25, 2001 08:58 PM

steak & eggs

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Hi all... I won a bet ... steak and eggs is the prize...

where is the best... sf & north... bloody mary's or champagne need to be available...


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    Rochelle Mccune

    I hesitated to mention this because its more upscale than your average steak & eggs but....

    Citizen Cake has a excellent dish called Flat Iron Steak & Eggs - the steak is coated in a spicy dry rub (southwestern-ish). But its not a big slab of meat, its sliced and faned around the eggs so I don't know that it would win a "Steak & Eggs" competition...

    They have mimosas, but order a champagne float instead, you choose one of their in-house-made sorbets. I love the Meyer Lemon Sorbet Champagne Float, my husband prefers the Blood Orange Sorbet Champagne Float.