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Apr 24, 2001 01:08 PM

Is Keller leaving FL?

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I read a disturbing post that Thomas Keller is going to the Desert Inn, along with the chef from Daniel. Can this be true? If so, I would be shocked and horribly disappointed. But I must say that, to me, this all sounds very suspect-it was first reported by the NY Post, after all-a real bastion of accurate and reliable journalism (mmmm, smell the sarcasm). Why would either of these men-both at the top of their game and at center stage in their respective world famous restaurants-want to leave to go to some hotel in Vegas (the fine dining capital of the US-NOT)? It sounds to me the this Wynn guy is talking out his ass. Sorta like I used to do with my pals in middle school when we'd talk about what the "greatest band ever" would be (i.e. Dude! What if you had Jimmy Hendrix on lead, Keith Moon on drums, Jim Morrison on vocals. . .DUDE! THAT WOULD ROCK! hey, pass the bong. . .)-or sports lovers creating the ultimate "dream team" from sports history, or whatever. Only here its like a guy building the ultimate restaurant-"ok, I'll get Thomas Keller and this Daniel guy to co-executive chef, I'll get Puck in to make the pizzas, Nobu can do sushi on weekends, OH! OH! and we'll have Alain Ducasse iron-chef it out with Escoffier raised back from the grave every saturday night!!! Who could say no to me? I'm Wynn, and I'm super rich!!!" All I can say is this Keller leaving the FL sounds a bit suspect-however, if true, I will be loosing a great deal of respect for the guy-he would be moving out of the realm of "chef-artist-philosopher" and closer to the realm of "chef-whore". What would come next-French Laundry frozen tasting menus? Canned truffled pea soup?

Anyway, despite the rant and subsequent babble, can anyone confirm or deny this rumour?

Peace and Grub y'all
your hungry hungry hippy

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  1. I dropped an e-mail to Leah Garchik, who noted the Post's story in her Chron column on 4/13 without confirmation. She replied last Wednesday that she would contact French Laundry again to try to get an answer. I haven't heard back from her yet.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      She might be too busy kissing celebrity a@@. Her old column was so clever, sigh. I am surprised that nothing is reported locally about this, if it is so.

      1. re: Anne H.

        You are right, Anne. No-one locally has even remotely mentioned "a peep" about this rumor. I asked a friend who waits tables there (past 2 years) if he had heard anything. He said no, only that he knows Thomas may be doing some consulting. Sounds more likely but who knows. The stress that guy must endure on a daily level at FL must be mind-altering. That could go either way. If I hear anything else, I will be sure to post.