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Apr 23, 2001 05:15 PM

Rosenblum Wine Tasting

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Went to the open house for Rosenblum on Sunday. They hold one a few times a year at their Alamdea warehouse (right off the ferry) for their new releases. $20 for admission and a glass and you get to try as much as you want of buy the wines at discount prices. They do a really nice job of the day, bringing in a live band, cooking food, and providing outdoor seating.

My favorite for this release was the Annette's Zinfandel. Couldn't get enough of it. The Rock Ridge was good, but very sweet. I like the Paso Robles as well. Rosenblum's generally have a lot of berry, so if that's what you like you'll be a fan.

The best dessert wine was the vanilla port. Absolutely delicious...and the flavors worked better together than the chocolat port. Last release they had a late-harvest zin that I really liked. The muscat this release was OK, but the port won my heart.

Definitely reccomend these tastings to others in the future. Anybody know if other wineries do similar things?

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  1. Yes, many wineries hold similar events. Far, far too many to list here. Check with those who have wine clubs, also the appellation organizations for event schedules.