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Apr 23, 2001 04:02 AM

Good escargots in SF?

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i havent had good escargots for a long time and was wondering if there are any place in SF that serves good escargots.

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  1. I posed a very similar question a while ago - here's the link to the rather short thread.


    1. For good, traditionally prepared escargots, I love Le Central on Bush here in SF. I simply can't eat there and NOT order them... Forget your diet and bring the Altoids ;)

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      1. re: Phoebe

        Ooooh, Phoebe, I agree with you totally! After living in gay Paree for so many years, I learned to love escargot. Le Central does the critters just 'oooh la la' right. I also love La Folie's green garlic soup with escargot. It's really a magnificent blend of flavors. Unforgettable. Bon appetit.