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Birchmere food worth eating?

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We're going for the music but will be dining there first in order to nab good seats for the concert. What should I order to eat? Other than the chicken tenders, which are crispy and juicy, I've found the food very disappointing.

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  1. The food is nothing to write home about, but it is edible. I ususlly have the ribs but that is only because I love ribs. The salads aren't bad, and the nachos are ok too. As you say, the best reason to eat there is to get a good seat. We usually try to get a table over on the right as you go in, it is raised up and if you get there early enough you can sit at the rail and have a great view.

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      I have always gotten the nachos - how can one go wrong with extra jalapenos?

    2. Mary Black or Maura O'Connell? -- or are you looking ahead to Roseanne Cash or Linda Thompson?!

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        Maura O'Connell. Can't wait to hear her belt 'em out! Now, Mr. L, tell me what to order.

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          If you're set on eating on-site, I'm not sure it matters -- just look at others' plates and take a stab at whatever appears palatable. Me?: I would, time permitting, grab a quick bite down the street at Taqueria Poblano, followed by custard at the Del ray Dreamery -- which you will (trust me) absolutely love (see link below). Friday's flavor (in addition to the daily vanilla) is "Buttered Pecan."

          Link: http://www.delraydreamery.com/custard...

      2. I go to the Birchmere a couple times a month and, due to the way in which they conduct their seating, I always eat there (much to my chagrin). All the food is horrible. I have tried much of it, attempting to find the best thing. The only thing that I have found to be edible is the barbeque sandwich. It is actually not that bad. Don't get me wrong, this is not a barbeque sandwich that I would eat anywhere else, but for really good music, I will sacrifice occasionally.

        They have recently added a bunch of new menu items. I have not tried them, but they look even worse than the old ones, both on paper and on the plate.

        1. I'm usually satisfied with the catfish po' boy. Didn't care for the chicken pot pie.

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            Balraj Bhasin

            you already have feed back about the birchmire. there are also wonderful eateries you can try in the neighborhood
            Bombay Curry Company---Indian
            Taqeria Pablano---Mexican
            Los Amigos--- Mexican
            Po Siam--- my favourite Thai
            Evening star cafe--mordern American
            Chez Andre--french
            just to name a few.
            enjoy your visit to my neighborhood

            1. Looking for an update on what the reasonably good menu items are these days. My friend wants to stake out a good table, so we're stuck eating here.

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                It's all pretty much crap. Remember that this is not food made to order, because everyone orders food at the same time. So eat what doesn't sound like it would be bad if it were cooked most of the way before, and just finished when ordered.

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                  Or eat a REALLY big meal somewhere way before hand, and use apps or something to hold you through if needed. Del Merei Grille is one I'll add and promote. Frickles and Hanger steak.

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                    Eat a late lunch (as you suggest) and head up Glebe Road after the show for a steak and cheese at Mario's. That's been the plan for the last 35 years. It never fails.

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                  We were there for a concert last night, and the food hasn't improved. For many items, portion size seems to be trying to substitute for quality. My beef chili was huge, but underseasoned and overly greasy. My daughter's chicken tenders were actually pretty tasty, and huge. The fries served with them were undercooked. Contrary to the trend, my husband's prime rib was half the thickness of a usual prime rib and fattier than most.

                  It's a shame that their seating policy pretty much forces you to be there substantially early, because I'd far rather dine elsewhere.

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                    I can confirm that the chicken tenders are surprisingly edible.

                3. seafood gumbo and catfish po boy are good
                  nachos are ok
                  pitchers of beer are great

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                    In the old shopping center across the street, there is a Salvadoran Bar/Pool Hall, whose name I can't remember, but it is the only other business besides the close-out store. They have pretty good tacos and pupusas. The music is sometimes too loud, but the owners are very nice.

                  2. We were at the Birchmere recently and an order of nachos and a barbeque sandwich with a pitcher of beer was just fine.

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                      The nachos are edible, but I swear that barbeque comes out of a can.