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Apr 22, 2001 10:15 PM

French Laundry 4/29

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I have a lunch reservation at FL Sunday 4/29 at 12:45 and we will not be able to go. If you would like to go at this time, please contact me through chowhound.com (sf bay area message board).

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  1. I may be interested... How many persons is the reservation for?

    1. I would definitely take the reservation if it's still available.

      Same question as the last response, how many people is it for?

      1. I would also be interested should the others not work out. Will take regardless of number as I can always find folks who would be interested!

        1. Sorry I did not include in the post that it is for 2.

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            2 is perfect as well. If it works out great. I know I was not the first to post. Good luck and thank you for offering!

            1. re: gini
              Stephanie Rosenbaum

              Please! I would definitely take this reservation should it still be available. I'm a food writer in the bay area and have been longing to go to FL for years--please count me in should you still need to pass your reservations along.

            2. Sorry to those of you who responded later today.