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Apr 22, 2001 01:44 PM

Wine storage in napa or anywhere reasonably close fairfield

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Hey y'all. I should really be posting this in the not about food section but I need quick responses and thought I'd be better off putting this where people would see it.

I am moving to the fairfield/napa area this summer and need to find a place to keep my wine. I have fewer than a dozen cases in storage at the moment but every single bottle is a winner and they need to be well kept.
I'll probably be living in Green Valley area, just over the hill from the town of Napa, or we'll be in Napa itself. So where can I rent some locker space?

What does Melanie have to say on this topic, I wonder?

Thanks everyone and I promise to post only about food. Actually, come to think of it, are there any Gourmet markets in Napa of the Andronico's/Berkeley Bowl type? Gotta find something better than standard grocerystore fare for cheese, fish, farmed game, etc.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
peace and grub from the hungry hungry hippy

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    Brandon Nelson

    Dude, you're on the right board

    If not the worst that will happen is that Jim will correct you. I doubt it. It's not likely that the hounds in Manhattan are going to have an answer for you. I have a couple of buddies that are dialed in to the wine scene far more than I. Frank or Scooter should be able to point you to a place where you can get a good deal on a locker. As for local Napa shopping Vallaragas is the best bet in town until the farmers market starts again. They don't offer anything spectacular, but most of their product is better than the big chains. Dean and Deluca (St. Helena) and Oakville Grocery (Oakville) offer a nice supply of gourmet goods. The farmers market starts back up soon (May? Lucy do you know this one?) Tuesday mornings behind Cinedome, and downtown Friday nights (this one is tabbed the "Chefs Market" it's more like a street fair atmosphere, and crowded). Also Dry Creek Farm, one of the farmers market vendors has a stand behind the Chevron at Trancas and Soscol. I hope some of this is useful.

    Anyway, welcome to "The Valley" (or close by).


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    1. re: Brandon Nelson

      The Farmer's Markets start right after Memorial Day weekend. Look for Canyon Acres produce as they strive for heirloom varietals & Julie Pramuk flowers. . . a wonderful local Napa Italian who grows awesome herbs & makes bouguets (edible) out of them. La Tijuanita's Market on Lincoln is a great Hispanic food source (one of many, many, many.) Palisades Market in Calistoga will blow you away. Awesome cheeses & wine selections. Sunshine Foods in St. Helena is also awesome.Brandon is right about Valergas & Dean & De Lucca. Great cheeses, breads, produce, professional. Omega 3 Seafood on Yajome (right near the cinedome where the Tuesday Farmers market is . . . make a right off Pearl on Yajome & follow about 8 blocks . . . great seafood monger.) JV Liqours on 1st for "as close as you get to wholesale prices" on Napa wines as you'll get. For more specialized wine interraction, Napa Wine Merchants on 1st has such current knowledge. The way wines come & go right now in the valley, it seems wise to consult a "local". Groezinger Wine Co. in Yountville is also a great resource.
      As for wine storage, I personally know a family run business located right near #29 in the industrial park (easy to get too) called "Napa Vintners Guild". phone 963.2260. They mainly store winery barrels (serious knowledge + climate control) but I am pretty sure it's worth a call for cases, too. Welcome to Napa County!

      1. re: Lucy Gore

        The exact dates for the Farmer's Market openings were posted in the local paper today:
        Downtown Tuesday morning Market (by Cinedome off Soscol on Pearl) starts May 1st, 7:30 to noon.
        The Friday night Chef's Market starts Friday, May 25.
        By-the-way . . . I had one other suggestion for great chowhound material. The bookstore at the CIA at Greystone (St. Helena)has a really wonderful selection of anything you'd hope to find involving food or wine.
        The folks that work there are extremely friendly & easy-going for the "caliber" of the place.

    2. b
      Brandon Nelson

      Sorry dude

      No specifics for you other than the yellow pages. Good luck!


      1. Here's a note from a friend who has about 5,000 bottles stored in Napa.

        "Melanie, my wine is at Napa Wine Lockers, 736 California Blvd., Napa,
        Chuck and Janine Dickenson
        are the proprietors, and since they booted XXXX out, have done a wonderful,
        wonderful job in
        cleaning the place up, it really looks great. Not sure if they have
        current space or not, but you can call Janine at (707) 257-2903.
        Oh, and I can highly recommend the place, obviously once we finally build,
        I'll be leaving, but have had my wine there for over 10 years now."