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Apr 21, 2001 10:35 PM

need great brunch idea in/near Palo Alto

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Coming to the Stanford area to visit my daughter who is turning 21 on Mothers Day. Need a special place to take her for brunch on her birthday before flying home from the SJ airport. Thanks for all suggestions!

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    Dennis Mitchell

    Hi there. Try ZIBBIBO.

    It's damned hard to get into for lunch and dinners, but brunch on Sunday has yet to be discovered. I'd call for Mom's day reservations, though....

    Great food! Nice wine list. On "normal" SUndays the place is not crowded and quite comfortable.

    We love their pan roasted mussels, but the whole menu is terrific and reasonably priced.

    Zibbibo - 430 Kipling, Palo Alto 650-328-6722

    Good luck!