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Apr 21, 2001 02:24 AM

business drink

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I'm up from LA on Friday 4 May and looking for a good place to meet a colleague and a client (latter unknown) for a drink at 5 pm downtown. Would also appreciate segue to dinner ideas, with or without one or both other parties. Am likely to be staying at the Palomar. Is Gary Danko a drink option?

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  1. Palomar has an attractive bar. I have not had drinks there though.

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      Palomar specializes in the $13 cocktail.E&O on Sutter and Kearney if you care to make a good first impression w/ your clients.

    2. The Fifth Floor is in the Palomar and would be ideal for a business dinner... As far as drinks go - I would send you to The Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel,unfortunately Ian Schraeger of Mondrian fame is renovating it. Another great place for cocktails is atop the B of A building - great view (expensive drinks) a good place to take clients.