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Apr 20, 2001 04:52 PM

Southwest Mexican Sopaipillas

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Are there any Mexican restaurants in the S.F. Bay area that have good Southwest sopaipillas ?

I first encountered this fry bread while working in Albuquerque, New Mexico . I have fond memories of biting off the corner of a fresh warm puffy triangle and pouring in honey from a squeeze bottle. Simple and great!

The times I've tried "sopaipillas" in the Bay area have been a great disappointment. Usually they are fried to a dark brown crisp with way too much honey and cinnamon dumped on top .

BTW, I don't feel like travelling all the way to Sacramento's Arco Arena for some :

Hope you folks can help!

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  1. If you can't find a local place, somewhere I have a recipe that a Navajo friend gave me in college. Maybe I can locate it, if you're interested. I used to make them at home, although that was ages ago.

    Did you ever find a restaurant for your dad's party?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      If you can't find the recipe, there seems to be many recipes for sopaipillas on the WWWeb, so you could just give me the URL to the online recipe that most closely matches what you remember. Thanks!

      My wife & I got some takeout from Fook Yuen last night - very tasty! I'm going to mail my dad the menus and hope he likes what he sees. It may be pricier than what he was hoping for, but I'll remind him that I'm paying!

      1. re: Larry Ching

        Thanks for letting me off easy, Larry. The recipe I used had baking powder as a leavening agent so I pick the one linked below. I noticed that other recipes had no leavening or used yeast.

        If you ever see a Native American pow-wow on a community events calendar, check it out. That's where I first tasted these.

        Another thought that just popped into my head is Hungarian langos. I tried these in Budapest a few years ago. My Hungarian friend described the cultural exchange his father with the University of Utah. When the sopaipillas came out, he was very surprised to find his native food in the southwest. The langos of Hungary also has potato starch in it, so its a little softer in texture. The traditional topping is garlic juice and a bit of sour cream, maybe some grated cheese. The menu at Bistro E in San Francisco includes these - might be worth a visit.


    2. Just saw the news coverage of the big pow-wow at SU this weekend. This might be your chance to find some good sopaipillas.