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Apr 20, 2001 03:32 PM

L.A./NYC quality Korean food in SF?

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Looking for top quality, authentic Korean food here in SF! Just got back from a weekend trip to L.A., and my girlfriend and i went nuts in Koreatown. Fantastic food there! So, we're looking for similar here in SF.

Been to Brother's a number of times. It's reliable and very good, but we want to be adventuresome and try some place new.

Noticed quite a few around Japantown, and one on fillmore off geary (no english name)... anyone been to these?

We're looking for some good sullang tang (beef broth soup), seafood pancake, soon tofu.

any help will be appreciated!!


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  1. unfortunately, you're not going to beat LA K-town for korean food. if you're looking for good soondooboo, though, go to tofu house on el camino in sunnyvale, just south of the lawrence expressway. that's all they make there, and the best part is when they pour the water into the leftover rice that's in the steaming hot stone pot, toasting the rice and making for a great post-soondooboo finish with some panchan.


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      Have eaten countless times--but not very recently-- over about 33 years at Korea House (the original one, upstairs) on Post in Japantown. Also numerous times at Han Il Kwan at 1802 Balboa, also not recently. Both have always been very reliable for a wide range of more Korean- than American-oriented (no pun intended) dishes.

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        for the suggestion of Korea House. Going there tonight!