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Feb 24, 2003 03:59 PM

Where to buy Stadium mustard?

  • k

Does anyone know where to by Stadium mustard locally?

I know Glory Days sells Bertman's Ball Park, but they don't sell Stadium (I know it's similar, but I like Stadium better).



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  1. Do you like it enough to buy 12 bottles? You can buy it by the case on their web site:

    You can also check out to find other regional specialties available for order via the web.

    1. d
      David Batista

      I buy 3 bottles whenever I visit my family in Cleveland.

      1. I bought some recently at the Giant-Eagle on Route 40 in Frederick. I suppose that means it wouldn't be difficult for other Giant-Eagle stores to stock it if you asked.

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        1. re: Ramon

          Thanks for the tip. I was hoping for something closer to D.C., but I guess I know where I'll be going Saturday. Maybe I'll bring a jar to White Star Lunch and get a couple of naked dogs :)

          Thanks again,


          1. re: Kok

            Call first. I'll feel bad if they've sold out since I was there last. Happy mustarding.

            1. re: Kok

              Giant Eagle is a western PA based chain which is why they carry it. I'e also seen it in the Kroger in Charlottesville; note that Kroger is a Cincinnati based chain that also carries Tony Packo's pickles and peppers along with Cincinnati Recipe chili in the seasoning pouch. I have never seen either mustard in any D. C. area store. But speaking of mustard and hotdogs Wegman's which is coming first to Sterling carries Zab's (sp?) red hots and white hots from Rochester along with Weber's horseradish mustard. These are thick hot dogs in casings that when charcoaled I'll put up against any in America. I've used Stadium mustard on them which I've hand carried from Cleveland and they were awesome. Weber's horseradish mustard is different but equally good in its own right. Stadium mustard is also really good on potato chips!
              For years I've gone out of my way to stop in grocery stores out of town and bring back things that I can't find here.

              1. re: Joe H.

                I am not familiar with Zabs. Do you mean Zweigels? I always prefered the red hots myself.

                1. re: Liz

                  That's it! I apologize because it's been several years but they were the best hot dogs. I would even buy them in January and put them in the trunk, driving straight home so they wouldn't spoil. Sorry for confusing the name.

          2. If you're looking in the DC area, try the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria (in the strip mall with the Home Depot off South Pickett near Duke Street).

            They have a large selection of condiments, teas, and spices that go way beyond mediterranean and middle eastern offerings. You might want to give them a call first.

            If you go, be sure to check out their deli--their wood oven pizza is really good.

            I'd also try Rodman's, the one in DC seems to have the best selection.

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            1. re: mouse

              Alas a double strikeout, but the Mediterranean Bakery sounds great and I look forward to checking it out.



              1. re: Kok

                Hmm, this is going to drive me crazy, because I know I saw it recently... did you try World Market at Pentagon City? I'm mentally retracing my steps as I write...

                P.S. The Mediterranean Bakery is great! Their selection of baclava is dizzying and they also have great pita, cookies, cheese (not sure why, but their manchego is the best I've found in the area), olive oil, etc.

                1. re: mouse

                  I haven't tried any place yet, as I was hoping a hound would know of a definite place, and save me a lot of phone calls/driving. I still want to go to Rodman's as I don't think the guy I spoke with understood what I was asking.

                  I've seen the Weber's Joe H mentioned below at Weiss Market so maybe they have it. At the very least, The Giant Eagle in Frederick has it for sure, so as of of now, in the words of Eric Stratton, "road trip."



                  1. re: mouse

                    Yes, the World Market at Pentagon Row carries it.

                    1. re: CBG3

                      Thanks! I was beginning to think that I imagined seeing it... While retracing my steps, I realized that I may spend too much time and mental energy in pursuit of food...

                2. If on the web, try the Mustard Museum (in Wisconsin) web site. I am from Milwaukee, and got some Bertman's a couple years ago. It is really great, I agree. It came as part of a package with the curator's book on the seventh games of the Worls Series. And he certainly doesn't ake himself too seriously. Read his newsletter, as it is hilarious.