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Apr 19, 2001 04:02 AM

The Best Steak Burrito Ever is in Redwood City

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I have enjoyed freshly grilled carne asada burritos from Aguililla on Sixth and Middlefield in Redwood City for about 10 years now. I have eaten approximately 2500 burritos in the bay area at hundreds of burrito joints, traditional mexican restaurants, wrap dispenseries, taco trucks, and the like. There are many styles of burritos and everyone has their own preference, but...
If you're into masterfully seasoned ingredients, freshly grilled thinly sliced steak and all the fixins in a grilled (not steamed) tortilla, then you may consider this place your new favorite.
Let me know what you think.
-dave t

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  1. With Redwood City's growing reputation as the town with Mexican restaurants that poison people, I've been leery of trying any of them. Has Aguililla been part of the epidemic? Otherwise, sounds great.

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      I dont believe food poisoning in redwood city is an airborne phenomenon. You have better odds of finding a rat in your coke bottle then getting sick at Aguililla.

      Dont believe the hype!

      1. re: david tullis

        David, I eat off taco trucks all the time. However, one death and 200+ people ill from food poisoning were reported to the San Mateo County health department which is pretty serious stuff.

        On further checking, there was only one Mexican restaurant involved and it's now been given a clean bill of health. Probably the safest place to eat now in the county! It was not Aguilila.

    2. I had to work in the South Bay today, so I meandered by Redwood City and found Aguililla Market & Taqueria. Tried the carne asada burrito ... you were right - it was very good! Enjoyed the grilled tortilla and the tasty grilled beef with a nice balance of rice and beans. (not so much that you can't taste the beef) the salsa was zippy but not overpowering. The filling moist but not soupy. Interesting area....thanks for the tip!

      1. Sadly, they seem to be closed now. Drove by earlier today and the place is completely empty & sign is gone.

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          Well, it HAS been over 10 years since the last post lol

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            There seems to be some drama to this story. The former owner's side of it is here: