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Apr 18, 2001 10:32 PM

Dinner delivery for new twins' parents in San Carlos?

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My friend gave birth to twins tonight and I'd like to have dinner delivered to her when she comes home from the hospital. Any ideas?

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  1. What a wonderful idea! She's blessed to have you as a friend.

    The only two places that I know in San Carlos proper are CreoLa and Kabul. Think she'll be in the mood for Afghan? (g) Or a little further north, 231 Ellsworth in San Mateo (haven't been to the reincarnation yet) offers top end dining. Delivery can be difficult to arrange on the Peninsula.

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      There's a great service called Pickles on Request that just delivers to new moms and moms-to-be. The business is located in Belmont, but delivers from SF to SJ. The food is wonderful and a well-deserved treat for busy new moms.

    2. Very nice. Don't be disappointed if you can't arrange for it on the very night she first comes home. She will likely be exahusted anyway and may not be up for much eating. This idea will work for any day in the first few weeks. I would not risk Creole or Afgan for anyone who just had a baby unless they OK it, your tastes can be off or over-sensitive during this time. Here's a couple alternate ideas seeing that the choices are not large in the area

      1) Webvan - you can send a pretty nice care package. I have had good basic prepared food from them before but the offerings seems to be different now, so I can't speak for them. Aside from prepared food, there are enough grocery items you can put together a nice meal that hubby can put together with minimal effort, like salad fixings (or deli salad) and dressing, marinated kebobs and rice pilaf, for example. The meat and seafood is top notch. And you can add wine and flowers. Also they offer bagels from H&H, I have had good luck with flower bouquets, and a babystore, books, etc. Of course you have to sign up but it is not a big deal, and they will deliver to an alternate address on any individual order. (X'ing my fingers the company does not go belly up, the service is great).

      2) is selling Impromput Gourmet Dinner kits for 2, designed by well known chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichen and Charlie Palmer. I have not tried these but I am thinking of sending one to my sister, who also just had a baby. They are overnighted, and mostly preped, so they only take about 30 minutes to make and everything is included. Make within 48 hours. $36-$40, and now dessert for $10. They sound really good to me, Cedar planked salmon with garlic crust, duck breast with pommegranate molasses glaze, etc. I linked below. Click on the pic for details of each dish.


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        Caitlin McGrath

        Link below to a discussion of Impromptu Gourmet dinners on the Manhattan board.