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Apr 18, 2001 02:27 PM

Get a BITE at Sent Sovi

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My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last night at Sent Sovi in Saratoga. The chef's tasting dinner with wine lived up the restaurant's well deserved reputation for excellent food and lovely service. I wish that were all I had to report.

But as we were leaving, I was menaced by two snarling dogs, one of which bit me as it ran past. It turns out that they belong to one of the restaurant's owners, who was walking them without a leash. My husband asked her to produce identification, to which she responded with lavish histrionics, accusing him of threatening her and wanting to kill her dog. A little over the top when you consider that her dog bit ME. She never so much as offered to help me -- the doctor who examined me said that an ice pack would have gone a long way to preventing the enormous bruise on my leg.

My leg is sore from the bite, my arm is sore from the tetanus shot, and I can't remember the first thing about dinner. But if you want an occasion to be memorable, you can definitely get a bite at Sent Sovi!

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  1. As a dog owner and a Chowhound, it sounds to me like the owner of the dog in question is an idiot. If that had happened to me (getting bit), the easiest way to spur on a lawsuit is by being callous and indifferent. In light of all the incidents that have happened in SF with dog attacks, you would think she would be much more on guard as to what her dogs were up to, especially being offleash. You should in the least send her a bill for any medical or related costs incurred by you.

    1. Unbelievable! I'm in complete agreement with everything that Steven said. Glad you're able to keep your sense of humor intact --- this will be anniversary you'll always remember.