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Apr 17, 2001 02:10 PM

Japanese salad dressing? [moved from SF Bay]

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Yes, yes, yes, I know that Godzilla Sushi is not the best sushi in town. But, I am addicted to their California salad——a tasty concoction served with iceberg lettuce, avocado, shrimp, radish sprouts and the most delicious salad dressing. Not being terribly familiar with Japanese cuisine, I couldn't begin to describe the flavors. A little nutty? Creamy? Whatever it is, it's delicious. Here's my question for all of you 'Hounders: How can I make it?/Where can I buy it? Thanks, Pepe C.

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  1. I don't know what Godzilla's sauce is like, but here's a creamy o mizutaki sauce recipe from the late Mingei-Ya.

    3/4 to 1 c. mayonnaise
    1/4 c. sugar or a bit less to taste
    1/3 c. white vinegar
    2 large garlic cloves, peeled
    2 Tbl. soy sauce
    ground pepper

    Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Store in the refrigerator. Best when the flavors are allowed to mellow for a few hours before serving.

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      I use something close, Melanie, but with Mirin and rice vinegar. There used to be a Japanese restaurant on Kearny near Sutter (upstairs) until the cook/owner got murdered by the busboy (sounds like an Agatha Christie)that had to be the absolute best dressing for the pasta salad. I pride myself on being able to duplicate almost any dish, but that dressing has me baffled. There are so many variables involved, and the least addition can skew the taste. The salad dressing at the underground restaurant at Geary and Mason is close...but not the same. Any ideas from the chowhounds???

      1. re: Jim H.

        Now why did the place go out of business? Just think of the thrill of eating sashimi there.

        1. re: Anne Emry

          Thanks for a wonderful chuckle!

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        This is simple and glorious. The unexpected blend of soysauce and mayonnaise works! Thanks!

        1. re: elise h
          Melanie Wong

          Wish I could take credit for it, but no, I'm just passing it along. Tasting it you'd never figure out the ingredients.

          Since it's on the heavy side, I mostly use it as a dip. I especially love it with jicama spears. Or with winter mustardy type greens that can hold up under the weight. The best salad is with tossing this dressing with frisée, then plate individually and top with a couple-three seared scallops. The secret to keeping the juice in the scallops is to dust them with tapioca starch.

        2. re: Melanie Wong

          Many years ago, I had the opportunity to dine at the Mingei Ya in San Francisco. In fact, I dined twice - but I was in grade school/middle school. I still remember O mitzu taki - but have never been able to find a recipe for it - as it seems the Mingei Ya is no more. Does anyone have that recipe? Is it really shabu shabu with special sauces?

          Thank you,
          Remembering in Tucson

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            My wife and I loved o mizutaki chicken dish in the hot pot there. Is this the sauce recipe for the broth ? Wasn't there a chicken stock or red and white miso in addition ?
            Love to know...miss that place and never have found an equal.

            1. re: DonBreidenbach

              I never ate there. The recipe was published in the San Francisco Chronicle many years earlier and I clipped it out for some reason. This sauce almost tastes like it has white miso in it, but as you can see from the ingredients, it does not.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Is the recipe for a cold salad or the hot pot dish as well? Thank you so much for your reply.

                1. re: DonBreidenbach

                  I have no idea. I posted the recipe above in April 2001 and more than 12 years later, I no longer have the newsprint original for any context. I use it for salad dressing but do whatever you want. It was called O Mizutaki sauce so I assumed that hot pot would be its intended use. However you use it, the dressing is delicious.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    The Japanese Country Cookbook by the owners of Mingei-Ya is readily available second-hand online.

          2. Hello fellow ChowHounds and SF fans of Mingei-Ya! I think I can help y'all out with what I believe is the real/authentic mizotaki sauce recipe. My mother's cousin from Norway worked at the restaurant in the 60's and early 70's and he gave us the recipe. We heard that the *TRUE* recipe he gave us was actually a kitchen secret and different (quite) from the recipe in the book (and what I see on the web...). I hope this recipe warms your hearts and ENJOY! We serve this sauce over rice and as a dipping sauce with meat and seafood and lots of veggies that are cooked in a hotpot with broth in the middle of the table:

            Serves 4 people:
            1 C mayo (do not use Miracle Whip!)
            1 clove garlic, finely chopped
            2 t sugar
            1/4 t white pepper
            2 T lemon juice
            4 T soy sauce

            mix together and let sit to develop flavors.

            1. Something with miso paste ,rice wine vinegar,and orange zest...sugar?....

              1. Hi! see newest entry with authentic O Mizotaki recipe!