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Feb 5, 2003 11:51 AM

fish fry in MD

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Does anyone know of any place, preferably in Montgomery or Frederick County MD that has a fish fry similar to the ones I had when I lived in Cleveland and Rochester, NY? Just a huge piece of fish, fries and coleslaw (no crab meat I am allergic to shellfish). I sure do miss that Friday night special!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I find fish & chips in Montgomery County Irish pubs like Flanagans or Mrs O'Leary's, also in places like (chains!) Bennigan's & TGIF's.
    There used to be a lot of the fast food places offering fish & chips like Arthur Treacher's or Long John Silver's, but they're kinda rare now.

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    1. re: Lauryn

      Please don't take this as a person attack, but the places you note are absolutely nothing like what Liz is looking for (and I do like the Royal Mile fish & chips a lot).

      The fish fries in the mentioned cities and ones in Milwuakee are more like church suppers, or even the chicken bbq's on the way to Delaware beaches.

      I hope some poster knows of an even close fish fry in the area. Sometimes D.C. churches do them, but they're not the same.


      1. re: Kok

        Well, she didn;t make that very specific, she said "a place," didn't say large town or church fish fry. If she had, I would have mentioned that I think the town of Rock Hall, MD (E Shore) has an outdoor fish fry every summer or fall.

        Is that closer to what she wants? Every summer, The Gazette's dining section ( publishes a list of seafood festivals in MD - mostly crab fests. Most are on the E Shore or are in S MD. Like the St Mary's County Oyster Fest in October...

        1. re: Lauryn

          That's probably what she's looking for, but I may be presuming. And again I hope I didn't come across as mean or harsh as that truly wasn't my intention.



          1. re: Kok

            Naw, it's OK, I know that outdoor fish fries are a popular thing in New England (same with clambakes, a la the musical "Carousel")...

            1. re: Kok

              Fellow Clevelander here and we used to go to Sussex Fish on Euclid ave for the exact thing you are searchin for. Hey this is the reason I found your post. Looking for same kind place. Maybe we should just start our own Friday Fish n beer night party.

              Get some Lake erie perch shipped in! Let me know if u find any good place.

            2. re: Lauryn

              Geez, didnt mean to start an argument...

              Around the Great Lake cities, all the bars have Friday night fish fries. They are a great bargain, usually around $5.00 for a huge piece of fish, or several small pieces of perch, fries and coleslaw, and a beer. Usually there is a line to get in. Most places I have been around here have small square pieces of formed fish, or fish stuffed with crab etc...

              By "place" I mean restaurant, bar, diner, whatever.

              1. re: Lauryn

                Not exactly the same, but you can get fried fish sandwiches at the DC Maine Avenue fish market. They usually have several different options for fresh fish.

          2. I don't know about Frederick or Montgomery Cnty but around the Baltimore area you can find many small carry outs that do "Lake Trout" this is fish that has been fried whole (minus the head) I think it is really whiting. it is usually served with fries & slaw. Sometimes the local churches do lunches & one they will have is the lake trout. I can't name any one in particular but you could check along Liberty Rd & Reisterstown Rd inside the beltway

            1. See the Lexington Market postings today. Faidleys has what you're looking for, (choice of several different fish, fried up while you wait) and so does at least one other stall in the Market.

              1. That type of tradition doesn't exist here today or at least not what I've experienced in Sandusky, Oh, Traverse City, MI, etc. There are several places where you'll find that kind of fried fish (i.e. Faidley's in the Lexington Market and Horace and Dickey's around 12th and H, N. E.) but not a similar "environment" or Friday evening setting for this kind of experience. Several places on Maine Avenue at the wharf have fried fish but, again, not as good as the two I mentioned above. As others have mentioned there are various kinds of seafood festivals and seafood carryouts but I've never seen anything like I've seen in parts of the midwest. Regional traditions and specialities like fish frys, lobster shacks, "steamers", crawfish shacks and so forth seem to be just that.
                Of course I've never found good steamed crabs in Muskegon or Buffalo either.

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                1. re: Joe H.

                  I guess you are right. One can always hope though...

                  It's tough to be allergic to crabs and live in Maryland!

                  1. re: Liz

                    I've been looking for the same thing you are and Maryland just doesn't really have it. It seems like it's crabs or nothing (I don't do crabs).

                    When I lived in New York it was easy and visiting relatives in Kentucky, the church had them all summer long. Oh for a good piece of fried fish, fries, some cold lemonade, and a tree to sit under and munch!

                    1. re: SisterT

                      There's actually a "circuit" of church suppers in southern Maryland during the late spring and summer. But I believe their focus is more on fried chicken, ham and so forth. Some of these are locally legendary and have been featured in articles in the Post and elsewhere.

                      1. re: Joe H.

                        Especially "stuffed" ham, which is stuffed with I believe lots of different greens like turnip tops, etc.

                        1. re: Pappy

                          And let's not forget the tainted stuffed ham incident a year or 2 ago from one of these S. MD church suppers.

                          Sent several people to the hospital with food poisoning. Can't remember if anybody died however.

                2. Hi Liz,

                  I'm from Rochester too and I know what you mean ... miss those Fish Fry Friday nights! I'm finding a large "alumane" group from Rochester and am thinking about getting a group together for a dinner/lunch/party. Any interest?

                  What do you think about Weggies coming to the mid-Atlantic?

                  Debi D

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                  1. re: Debi D

                    Actually, Debi, my husband is the one from Rochester but I did live there from 1984-1988. I am from the Cleveland area but both places are known for those great fish fries!!!

                    As for Wegmans, I am not sure what my opinion is. I dont remember them as being anything special but I think they have grown and changed quite a bit since 1988. I have been in one "mega-weg" near Greece but I was shopping for beer and munchies and didn't explore much. (Thats a whole other story...I miss buying beer and wine in the grocery store).

                    1. re: Liz

                      Wegmans will outdo Giant. Wegman will bring a refreshing new experience to the dull shopping experience in Washington DC