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Apr 17, 2001 01:35 PM

Quick tech question: How do I do a search??

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Looking for info on 2 restaurants on Geary (in the 30s) - Pacific Cafe and Yoshidiya (across the street from each other).


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  1. I can offer a few words on Pacific Cafe. An ex-bf was a regular (driving up from Mountain View for 15 years) and we used to go frequently with a bottle or two of wine (never paid corkage). In fact, we usually opened it while we were standing in line and shared it with the crowd which almost always included somebody we knew in town. Everyone in line for a table has a wine glass in hand with a boxed white on the house. Fish is fresh, and while not innovative, reliable and moderately priced. Very basic decor, friendly servers and management.

    He loved the clam chowder, I didn't "understand" it. When they have crab cakes, get them, these were probably my favorite thing on the menu. Choice of sauces and preparations for whatever is fresh that day. Order the beurre blanc whenever it's offered.

    1. Steven--there's a search box atop our home page, but you'll find more options on our search instructions/advanced search page...which you'll find linked just beneath that box on our home page...but for your convenience, you can use the link below this time.

      BTW, we have a board ("Site Talk") dedicated to tech and site matters; we try to keep these regional boards exclusively chow-related.


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      1. You can read at the link below what I wrote immediately following a trip to Pacific Cafe last year. To summarize, I was very pleased.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...