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Apr 16, 2001 04:51 PM

Good N'hood Italian near Japantown?

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Can anyone recommend a good (or excellent!)neighborhood Italian place in the vicinity of the Radisson in Japantown, after which we'll be heading back to the Pickwick hotel at 5th & Mission to spend the night.

Its likely we'll have a rental car, so we won't be limited by taxi availability!

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  1. Try Laghi at 2101 Sutter St. (Sutter & Steiner), tel: 415/931-3774. It's northern Italian, in that neighborhood and quite nice. Web link below shows their menu.

    Deb H.


    1. Noting your $40 per head budget mentioned in the other thread, you might want to check out Pane e Vino on Fillmore near Union. Not too far from Japantown especially if you have a car.

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        But get reservations in advance - especially for larger parties!!