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Apr 13, 2001 09:51 PM

say it ain't so French Laundry

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Just when I finally get to go to the FL with my family in June I hear the genius chef has left for Vegas or will be leaving. I hope it isn't true. Does anyone know about this and if true shall we still go to the FL??? thanks for any info.

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  1. Do you mean Thomas Keller of FL, or his brother Josef who has a place in Las Vegas?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I meant the FL Tom Keller and not his brother here in Vegas. We have always wanted to go to the FL and now that my relatives and I get the chance, T. Keller leaves. Mr. Keller won't have the fresh ingredients, the fresh seafood and with the Desert Inn's corporate attitude, the bottom line is always watched. My whole reason for going to the Napa Valley this June has been destroyed. boo hoo.

      1. re: Carol

        So far the whole story has just been from Wynne's mouth - stating that he wants Keller and Boulud to be co-executive chefs with one of them being there every night. I sure hope this is another Vegas overstatement because it could cause some quality lapses on both coasts. However, until it is confirmed, I wouldnt worry - FL is a treat and you should look forward to it. As he is an owner in FL, he would never truly leave, but let's be honest, his cooking is the reason that FL came to fame.

    2. Here's the SF Chronicle's mention on Friday, still not confirmed by Thomas Keller.