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Apr 12, 2001 07:50 PM

Millennium Restaurant

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I am going with a friend to the vegan restaurant Millennium on Saturday. Just wondering if anyone has
any comments on the place. Any particular food to
order, etc. All thoughts welcome.

Thank you

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  1. Millenium specializes in glamorous presentation, especially the entrees. Sometimes, there is a little too much 'going on' on the plate. And the servings are huge.

    My suggestion is that you might want to dine from the appetizers: a soup, an app, a salad, and leave room for one of their splendid desserts (there's usually a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling.)

    The vegan bread spread is tofu based, but it isn't cooked tofu. (Chowhoundish digression: tofu is already partially cooked, and is in some cases traditionally served without further cooking. My personal preference is to eat a very small quantity unless it has been cooked for a few minutes after it has become "tofu.")

    I had a little digestive rebellion after going overboard on the spread.

    Let us know how you enjoy your meal!