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Apr 9, 2001 01:16 PM

Fuzio Restaurant

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Is Fuzio Restaurant good? I'm visiting Embarcadero One today alone. Looking for somewhere near to have lunch.


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    Rochelle McCune

    I know its too late, but can I recommend Birley Sandwiches for next time? Its in Embarcadero 4. It just opened. A couple of people from my office have made the trek and really enjoyed it. Its relatively inexpensive for the area but they use quality ingredients. Apparently, they put together really interesting, unusual combinations. I'm going to swing by tomorrow for lunch so I should be able to post more detailed info about it soon.

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      I love Birley's. I work in Embarcadero Four and I've eaten there several times. We've got some chowhounds in the office here from NY and even they've been impressed.

      When you first walk in, it looks like a mass of people beyond the registers at the door. Everyone actually lines up in front of the sandwich makers at the counter--I've never had to wait more than a couple of minutes. If you stand in the second line closest to west door, you'll get the best service--I can't remember the gentleman's name, but I wait in his line just to hear him say, "tomato" with a long "a".

      The provolone & prosciuto served on foccacia (sp??) is my favorite. The black bean soup is also wonderfully spicy--perfect for those grey days we sometimes experience here in SF. Everything I've had there is delicious with the exception of one thing: I had a hot turkey with bacon sandwich that was a tad too greasy for my tastes. But other than that, I'm hooked.