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Apr 8, 2001 06:00 PM

Old style Cantonese food on the Peninsula ?

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Hello SFBay Area Chowhounds,

I need a few recommendations for pre-80's style
Cantonese restaurants on the Peninsula within 20 miles
of San Carlos that will either deliver or allow pickup
of a multi-course dinner.

The occasion is my father's 79th birthday. He was born
& raised in Honolulu, but is now retired on the
Mainland, but not in the bay area, so he doesn't know
the restaurants here. Well, not any since 1960, when
he worked in San Mateo for about a year and went up to
SF regulary for Chinese food. After that year, he moved
back to Hawaii.

He is visiting us for his birthday, and we want to
have the food delivered to our home because one member
of the family can't travel. Since Dad doesn't know the
restaurants, it's my job to pick one before he comes

Trouble is, while I've lived in the bay area for over
20 years, I been uninterested in eating out, and I'm
also extremely easygoing on food - a comfy read-my-
paperback atmosphere means more to me, I'm afraid.

My dad is completely opposite. He almost always finds
something to criticize about a restaurant's fare.

I know he'd really love to have some old school
Cantonese cuisine - no little chili pepper icons on
the menu, thank you very much!

So, can anyone recommend any restaurants that fit
the requirements between Cupertino and San Bruno ?


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  1. Well, given the lack of replies, I may just try Fook Yuen. My wife & I got some takeout from Fook Yuen last night - very tasty! I'm going to mail my dad the menus and hope he likes what he sees. It may be pricier than what he was hoping for, but I'll remind him that I'm paying!

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    1. re: Larry Ching

      Fook Yuen is very good. Equally good and priced a little lower is Seafood Harbor a block north, same side of El Camino. And, just a notch down in quality and a good savings is Kwong's across the street from FY. The menus for SH and Kwong's are on the web.

      We had a super dinner tonight at Seafood Harbor with several usually expensive specialties (frog , crab, live fish, etc.) that came out to only $25 per person including tax and a generous tip.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Melanie said:
        "And, just a notch down in quality and a good savings is Kwong's across the street from FY. The menus for SH and Kwong's are on the web."

        Can't find a review or menu for Kwong's yet - I'll keep looking. Thanks for the recommendations!

          1. re: Larry Ching

            Yes, that's the site I was thinking of. I checked it again and see that Kwong's has added to the on-line menu substantially. I didn't know they had birds nest soup. Here's a link below to some of our tried and true from here.

            Noticed a few more places in Millbrae on the site that I'll have to try. The bar for Chinese food in that town is very high and I bet they'll be decent or better.

            Another Millbrae place worth mentioning is Jumbo Seafood. It was closed for a few months, but since the website has been updated with a new menu, I assume it's open again. Have only eaten there once and liked 2 of the 3 dishes we tried.