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Which is the best bagel chain?

CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 10:15 AM

Good morning folks!

I'm looking for a decent place to get a bagel. What do people like the best? Ideally, it must be easily accessible to me (preferably within Mont. county or DC). That means NYC and Baltimore are out. Also, it should have long hours, since I work 9-6 (Can you tell I have a beef with the Breadline?) So, really, my question is what's your favorite chain (Einstein's, Chesapeake, ABP, etc.). Costco? Should I just buy Lenders "bagels" at the grocery store and give up on getting anything worth a separate trip? Switch to whole wheat toast with peanut butter?

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    Steve RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 10:49 AM

    Safeway, by a mile. Sesame is my favorite.

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    1. re: Steve
      Nancy RE: Steve Jan 15, 2003 11:09 AM

      Safeway? Really? I'm skeptical (and a NYer) but I'll have to try one.

      My favorite, although it's Arlington, is Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse. Also like Bethesda Bagel, and Whatsa Bagel in Cleveland Park.

      Einstein is okay in a pinch.

      1. re: Nancy
        Harry Romano RE: Nancy Jan 15, 2003 11:33 AM

        I cannot, by a long shot, call myself a bagel expert, and can only speak to one Safeway, but there must be far and away better bagels out there. I know the original message does not include places in Baltimore, but Joan & Gary's (or Gary & Joan's, I always mix them up) on Reisterstown Road in Pikesville makes what are probably the best bagels around here. Greg's in Belevedere Square is pretty good, too (although they don't make salt bagels).

        Safeway!!?? Come on. Grocery store bakeries have come along, but aren't they more a last resort? I've never been impressed by any bagel I've gotten at the Canton Safeway in Baltimore. Maybe I'm just not getting there at the right time. Or, maybe (probably more likely), I wouldn't really know a good bagel from frozen Lender's. What makes the real McCoy?

        If bagels are like Pizza, you'll only find approximations of varying degrees of quality until you step off the train somewhere above the Mason-Dixon line (or east of the Hudson River, in this case).

        1. re: Harry Romano
          Steve RE: Harry Romano Jan 16, 2003 11:43 AM

          If I'm not mistaken, the original post asked for bagel chains, not individual store(s). I limited my response to the request. I am sure that there are many better bagels than Safeway out there, but I find the other chain bagels to be usually too hard and not at all tasty!
          The good ones at any Safeway I've been to go quickly, though, so it's best to hit them early.

        2. re: Nancy
          Genevieve RE: Nancy Jan 15, 2003 11:50 AM

          I definitely agree with the recommendation for Brooklyn Bagel Deli on Wilson Boulevard in the Courthouse area of Arlington. They also have excellent rugelach and real pickles, and the owner (Moe) is very friendly and helpful. I don't know its weekday hours, and it's not open late, but it opens early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

      2. c
        cocoagirl.com RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 10:52 AM

        bethesdabagel- ignoring all that stuff about New York- becuase this is not New York- these are chewy bagels- and there are several locations - my favorite is Bethesda Ave.

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        1. re: cocoagirl.com
          Ex-DC RE: cocoagirl.com Jan 15, 2003 11:32 AM

          Agree with Bethesda Bagel. It was impossible to get a decent bagel in DC until they opened up. Their whitefish salad was good too. Don't know if they still make it tho.

        2. e
          ep RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 10:59 AM

          I think the Georgetown Bagelry on M Street has some solid bagels, and Einstein's is better than any supermarket kind in my opinion.

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          1. re: ep
            Lauryn RE: ep Jan 15, 2003 03:21 PM

            plus they have coupons on their website www.manhattanbagel-md.com I think, and sell their bagels at 1/2 price starting 1 hour before closing.

            If you get on Einstein's email list, they sometimes send you coupons.

          2. b
            bookbabe RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 11:36 AM

            The bagels at Whole Foods are edible. Not great but edible.

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              ANCyM RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 12:03 PM

              I also agree that Brooklyn Bagel in N Arlington has good stuff. But, try Arrowine in the Lee Heights Shops on Old Lee Highway, also in N Arlington. They carrey H & H Bagels shipped in from NYC. From what I understand, they are half-baked in NYC and finished up onsite. Can't go wrong with them - just bought a bunch this past weekend and wasn't disappointed.


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              1. re: ANCyM
                Genevieve RE: ANCyM Jan 15, 2003 02:57 PM

                I did not know that about Arrowine! Thanks - it's good to know you can get top-notch bagels there. It's a great store - very good place to buy wine, knowledgeable staff, I think good prices (disclaimer: I don't drink wine for medical reasons, but my fairly serious wine-drinker friend highly recommended it, and when we went there to buy wine for a dinner party we had a very helpful salesman and got something reasonably priced that everyone at dinner loved).

                The Lee Heights shopping center where Arrowine is located is also where Pastries by Randolph is - very very good cakes and pastries, though on the pricey side (Heidelberg Bakery on Lee Highway in Arlington has better prices).

                1. re: Genevieve
                  The.Dude RE: Genevieve Jan 16, 2003 12:56 PM

                  The H&H bagels served at Arrowine are the best I've found in WDC, especially when hot from their mini-oven. Arrowine also sells excellent bread and cheese along with their wine selections. Location and other info are available at the URL listed below.

                  Link: http://www.arrowine.com

              2. d
                dinwiddie RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 01:52 PM

                Bagel City in Rockville makes excellent bagels, bialies, etc. They make them all day long so they are always fresh. Also a good selection of whitefish salad, etc. It is on Rockville Pike just north of Randolph Rd. (in the shopping center just north of Barnes and Nobels)

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                1. re: dinwiddie
                  Ex-DC RE: dinwiddie Jan 15, 2003 04:06 PM

                  I'll second Bagel City bagels as well, they were always great. And they used to make the absolute best whitefish salad in the DC area, but its been years since I've had it there so I can't say for sure.

                2. t
                  Tweaked RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 02:38 PM

                  Nothing compares to a H&H Bagel bought piping hot fresh from one of there bakeries...but I've bought decent bagels from the baked goods guy at Eastern Market (not sure where he gets them though. I prefer poppy seed bagels, lightly toasted, with a nice pat of cream cheese.

                  1. j
                    Jim Rice RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 02:44 PM

                    The Shoppers Food Warehouse grocery store in Penn Daw Plaza on Rt. 1 in South Alexandria makes good bagels. Variety is limited. I have a weakness for the pumpernickel ones. The Safeway in Belle View Shopping Center makes bagels, but they are more breadlike and not the dense texture of a real bagel.

                    1. j
                      johnb RE: CalfFries Jan 15, 2003 05:16 PM

                      Not a chain, but "Planet Bagel" at least used to be good--it is actually the Parisian bakery in Rockville--wholesale place but they open to retail on weekends and do good bagels---you can watch the whole process and buy'em while they're hot, literally. But only on Saturday and Sunday if even then---I'm not sure they still do it. Does anybody know?? (They are located near Katz's market, up closer to the tracks)

                      1. p
                        PoolBoy RE: CalfFries Jan 16, 2003 08:31 AM

                        As a former New Yorker (and, if it matters, Jew) I feel I should comment on the bagel thread. As many have noted, DC is not a great city for bagels. It is hard to beat fresh H&H bagels in NYC, and it is impossible to beat the improbably better bagels from Stuff n' Bagels on Long Beach Road in Oceanside, NY--home of the best bagels in NY (and by syllogism, the world).

                        But that doesn't mean the situation here in DC is horrible. Before I get to my recommendations, let me first say that anyone who says that Einstein Bros. has good bagels does not know what a bagel is.

                        You have to pay attention to (at least) three things when evaluating a bagel: the flavor, the surface texture, and the internal chewiness. The flavor must be sufficiently yeasty--it's not supposed to have the same taste as plain bread. The surface must be a smooth, firm, yet crusty (in that its texture is distinguishable from the interior). The inside of the bagel should be, when fresh, slightly moist and chewy.

                        That said, in my opinion the best bagels made fresh in the DC area are at the Rockville Bagel City. (The one on Massachusetts Ave in NW does not make its own bagels, but has them delivered from the Rockville store). A runner-up would be Georgetown Bagelry (both in Georgetown and the one on River Road)--though this place thinks it is more authentically NY than it really is. Up to a few years ago, Bethesda Bagel (and what I believe is its sister company, Whatsa Bagel) had a decent product, but as of late I have found them quite lacking.

                        That's all for now. If you find yourself in NY and want to head out to Long Island for an amazing bagel experience, make a stop at Stuff n' Bagels. But go early--when I lived in NY they would close around 3pm.


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                        1. re: PoolBoy
                          Steve RE: PoolBoy Jan 16, 2003 12:06 PM

                          I agree with you about Einstein, and I think this applies to all the chains. I know some folks were incredulous about my Safeway post earlier. For me, Safeway -toasted- comes closest to Moishe's on Houston St. (if I'm permitted to mention both in the same sentence), and if we are limiting the post to chain bagels, ones that can be found in all areas of DC!

                          1. re: Steve
                            PoolBoy RE: Steve Jan 16, 2003 12:22 PM

                            Admittedly, I have not tried Safeway's bagels. Perhaps I will.

                            But let me say that one test of a good bagel is that for most of the day on which it is made, it tastes really good and is enjoyable to eat, by itself, untoasted.

                            Toasting, in my opinion, is the bagel equalizer. I save it for day-old, frozen, or when I can't avoid them, lousy, bagels.

                            1. re: PoolBoy
                              Steve RE: PoolBoy Jan 16, 2003 12:45 PM

                              I agree 100%, toasting is not a good way to judge a bagel - but I buy a dozen and freeze 'em. What am I gonna do? Break my jaw on the other dreck that is out there?
                              What do you think of squagels, the bagels that are at Cosi? Only had them once, but I like them a whole bunch!

                              1. re: Steve
                                butterfly RE: Steve Jan 16, 2003 05:00 PM

                                Squagels--my ancestors are rolling over in their graves. Why mess with the perfection? I just don't get it. Good bagels don't need a gimmick.

                                I also second the critiques of huge bready monstrosities, toasting, and anything with blueberries, cinnamon or raisins. And don't even get me started about "breakfast bagels" with eggs, cheese and bacon! Is nothing sacred?

                                I still haven't found anything in DC that matches up with the bagels of my youth (Pratzel's in St. Louis)--which I can get shipped to me when I'm in dire need. The bagels they sell at the Parkway deli are decent. The ones at the Fresh Fields on P Street aren't horrendous--they've got an okay flavor--but they're still too bready. The ones at the Safeway near me are too big and deflated and not chewy enough.

                                There was a thread on the general board about making your own bagels. I think I'm going to give it a try one of these days...

                                1. re: butterfly
                                  DAS RE: butterfly Jan 17, 2003 01:52 PM

                                  Hey,there's nothing wrong with toasting a bagel.

                                  The problem is, is that the people here don't know HOW to toast a bagel. They think toasting it means to heat it up slightly in the toaster, with the toaster on the fastest speed (the lightest toasting possible).

                                  I grew up where bagels go to retire, South Florida, so I know a good bagel too.

                            2. re: Steve
                              Bob W. RE: Steve Jan 16, 2003 01:00 PM

                              Well, I'm not a former NYer, but I'm a Providence native who has been eating bagels since they cost 8 cents apiece at the Hope St. Bakery (and were the proper size, not closer to the size of a spare tire). I've had bagels from Eagerman's, Kupel's, and Rosenfeld's (in the Boston area), Ess-a, David's, and H&H (in New York), Flakowitz (So. Florida), Bethesda Bagel, etc. I've gnawed on "bagels" from Bruegger's (the best of the chains), Einstein, Manhattan, Dunkin' Donuts, Panera, etc., bagels in what passes for the Jewish neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida. I know a bit about the subject.

                              Forget all the chains and go to Bagel Buddies in Fair Lakes. The owner, Ed Schiffman, is an ex-NYer who treats his shop like it's one of his kids (the rest of whom all work there, along with his wife).

                              The bagels are perfectly sized and nicely chewy. They are the real deal. They blow the chains away.

                            3. re: PoolBoy
                              ANCyM RE: PoolBoy Jan 16, 2003 01:03 PM

                              Nice posting.

                              I've traveled to Oceanside, NY numerous time w/ a friend whose family still lives out there. Every Sunday morning began w/ a huge breakfast of Stuff n' Bagels treats - bagels the size of truck tires, flagels, and biyalis. Oh, and the cream cheese too.

                              I sent a link of your post to him and his reply was that if he didn't know better, he thought he'd written the piece himself.

                              On a side note, I'm a big fan of Ralph's ices and the gelato/ice cream parlor at Rockville Center - the names escapes me.


                              1. re: ANCyM
                                PoolBoy RE: ANCyM Jan 16, 2003 08:38 PM

                                Funny--small world.

                                Regarding the gelato place, are you thinking of International Cafe?

                                1. re: PoolBoy
                                  ANCyM RE: PoolBoy Jan 17, 2003 08:01 AM

                                  Yes, the IDC in Rockville Centre - brilliant place! Also, the Blue Moon is a treat - have you been there?


                                  1. re: ANCyM
                                    PoolBoy RE: ANCyM Jan 17, 2003 11:17 AM

                                    No, I haven't been to Blue Moon. And I haven't been to the International (Delight?) Cafe in ages. I just don't find myself on Long Island that often nowadays. When I visit New York, though, I try to run out there to pick up some bagels from Stuff.

                                    1. re: PoolBoy
                                      ANCyM RE: PoolBoy Jan 17, 2003 11:57 AM

                                      If you do get back to Strong Island, I'd suggest a stop at the Blue Moon - you'll be glad you did. Great panini (sp?).

                                      Yes, I used to go up to the city three or four times a year - eat my fill of bagels, tongue sandwich, Sabbrett's w/ red onions, and knishes from Yonah Schimmels - and then take the train back home laden with lots of the above. Once I brought home some whitefish salad - it kept!


                                2. re: ANCyM
                                  dinwiddie RE: ANCyM Jan 17, 2003 12:50 PM

                                  I beleive that it is Sam's International Cafe. Next to the Mariachi? Sure is the best place for gelato in Rockville.

                              2. d
                                Das RE: CalfFries Jan 16, 2003 09:30 AM

                                The worst bagels are at Au Bon Pain. I can't believe they are allowed to even call what they sell as bagels.

                                Just because a sourdough Asiago Cheese danish is called a bagel, does not make it one.

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                                1. re: Das
                                  Genevieve RE: Das Jan 16, 2003 02:15 PM

                                  The worst bagel I ever had in my life was at a Bess Eaton Donuts. Well, what should I expect there, anyway?

                                  It was a soft round roll with an indentation in the top. NOT a bagel.

                                2. d
                                  Danielle RE: CalfFries Jan 16, 2003 09:38 AM

                                  On River Rd. in a strip mall w/Fresh Fields across from American Plant Food Ctr. and Talbotts liquor. By far the only decnt bagels I've had and you can sometimes get the hot...YUM

                                  1. h
                                    Harlow RE: CalfFries Jan 16, 2003 01:26 PM

                                    Speaking as an ex New Yorker, I think that the bagels at "Bagels and..." are very close to those to be found in New York. They have two stores in the Annapolis, Maryland area. While admittedly, this is not a chain of stores, nor is it close for most people, their quality makes it worth a trip.

                                    1. b
                                      Bagelloveru RE: CalfFries May 24, 2014 04:58 AM


                                      1. b
                                        Bagelloveru RE: CalfFries May 24, 2014 05:12 AM

                                        I agree 100% w the guy who said Safeway. I just recently found this out & now I go there all the time! I don't lime any other grocery store bagels, but theirs are amazing!!

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                                        1. re: Bagelloveru
                                          Steve RE: Bagelloveru May 24, 2014 04:59 PM

                                          I can't beleive this vampire thread has seen the light of day.

                                          Circa 2014, Breugger's is the best if we are limiting our discussion to chains. I still buy Safeway beagls to freeze and toast, but they long changed the way they make them and now they are just round bread.

                                          1. re: Steve
                                            follick RE: Steve May 25, 2014 06:16 PM

                                            I really like the bagels at Goldberg's New York Bagels.

                                            They're as good as any I've had in NYC.

                                            1. re: follick
                                              Just Visiting RE: follick May 26, 2014 04:39 AM

                                              This always surprises me. I've tried both Goldbergs and both times I was shocked at what they call bagels. Huge, fluffy, doughy bread-like things. No chewiness, no crustiness, no flavor. Seriously a shonda. To each his own.

                                        2. b
                                          Bagelloveru RE: CalfFries May 24, 2014 05:15 AM

                                          ...they're actually WAY better than the bagels at the bagel shops I've been to around here. Shocking, right?!

                                          1. z
                                            zackly RE: CalfFries May 24, 2014 05:36 AM

                                            i love Einstein's but don't consider them bagels. They are more of a roll shaped like a bagel.

                                            1. Bob W RE: CalfFries May 27, 2014 08:14 AM

                                              Since this ancient thread has been bumped. I'll chime in again.

                                              If we are still talking chains, I'd say that the least worst are Wegmans (which I don't think was even in the DC area when the OP first posted), Whole Foods, and yes, Dunkin Donuts. Wegmans even has decent bialys.

                                              The others I can think of -- Panera, ABP, Einstein, Harris Teeter, Giant, Manhattan, Costco -- all suck with a capital S. All just rolls with holes.

                                              I think there are a few Brueggers left around here. If there's one near you, that would be my chain choice.

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                                              1. re: Bob W
                                                skipper RE: Bob W May 27, 2014 04:25 PM

                                                Of the chains, I prefer Manhatten Bagel, but there aren't any left in the Maryland suburbs. I think there may be one in Vienna, but that is the only one I know of.

                                                1. re: Bob W
                                                  hill food RE: Bob W May 27, 2014 10:52 PM

                                                  Port of Piraeus has contracted to only one location, on 'I' street, NW but they use H+H bagels, just no lox.

                                                  1. re: hill food
                                                    Bob W RE: hill food May 28, 2014 05:53 AM

                                                    Thanks, I work right near PofP (and will continue to do so after we move next month) but never thought of them for bagels. Can't be any worse than what else we have around here.

                                                    1. re: Bob W
                                                      hill food RE: Bob W May 28, 2014 05:39 PM

                                                      caveat - they get the bagel dough from NYC and cook according to guidelines on site.

                                                      but ya know its still better than a lot and some cream cheese and taramasalata ain't bad in a lox-deprived moment.

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